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This letter was sent by OpenCongress user MarilynBR1979 on December 03, 2011 in opposition to S.1747 Computer Professionals Update Act.
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S.1747 CPU Act

I am writing as your constituent in the 21st Congressional district of New York. I oppose S.1747 - CPU Act, and am tracking it using

Everyone relies on IT personnel in order to keep computers and technology moving forward. Information technology is key to ensure our advancement into a successful future. These are positions that require respect and gratitude.

This bill does nothing more than enslave an already underpaid and overworked group of people, allowing corporate heads to keep their IT workers on-call 24/7, while not requiring any monetary compensation.

This is a bill that protects the very people that caused their own problem. If they had enough people on staff, they wouldn't have anyone working overtime. But they fired them, putting the workload on those left behind, and are now asking the government to protect their right to not compensate them for the extra work. This is grotesque. They can afford to pay overtime to the left-behind IT workers, especially when none of these corporate leaders have taken a pay-cut, tax increase, and in fact were rewarded bonuses for said layoffs. These executives haven't even paid for the health care increase, but doubled the premiums and raised the co-pays on their workers. Paid days off have also decreased. Taking away overtime is another method of nickel and diming the middle class, while costing nothing to millionaires.

There are so many intelligent people out there to keep technology moving forward, there would be no reason for them to stay in such positions. It would be in their best interests to accept contract positions and work from home. As you probably already know, that in the long run, would cost corporations and the government a lot more to hire these people on a case by case basis, rather than keep them on salary, and provide enough positions so that they aren't forced to work overtime.

Please do what you can to ensure this bill does not pass.



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