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  • nigle77 added a comment

    Do you know that over 14,000 kids have no home in Arkansas, also thhere Mother & Father do not have a jobs dur to Mitt Romney & G.W.Busch ! Why ? Bush sent there jobs Over-Sea & to China ! why don't you help them ? Why do you lie to the People in Arkansa about Jobs ! and why don't you help the Mens & Womens who went Over sea to fight the War ! Why don;t you tell the people you do not like a Black man telling you what to do ! and you call your self a Chrician 1) do you know what a zchristian is ? 2) if you says you love America ? 3) why do you lie to them !

    July 03, 2012 7:47 PM Comments (1)
    • nigle77 07/03/2012 8:12pm
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      I’m the Son of June Ann Fischer who has “Alzheimer” why did you not help me when I told you what my 3_Sisters done to their Mother.
      June A.Fischer was kill at the hands of her 3 daughters, here are there names

      Susie Elizabeth Littler of Truckee, California & Roxanne Marie Vetter Laub of Incline Village, NV. also Gwendoln Ann Wiegenstein of Palm Spings,Ca. with the help of Ralph D.Littler & Michael J.Wiegenstein.
      This what they done to their (Mother who has Alzheimer)

      Friday, August 27,2004" Gwen Oblaining Illegally Drugs" and gaave the Drugs to Susie, & Roxanne, and Susie & Roxanne gave the Drugs to their Mother.
      Top it off as Susie, Roxanne & Gwendoln (LOOK-ON) Ralph & Michael (Rape & Molester) their Mother in-law

      Saturday August 28,2004 as my Sisters went to their Mother House in Cathedarl City, Ca. and saww their Mother dead at 8:30 pm
      Why did they (Rape & Molester) a 75 years old woman ?
      Susie, Roxanne & Gwendoln wanted the (Fischer-Trust) (over $2 Million)