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    Black & Wilder Government Relations   Congress 1
  • Mai%2068%20ii
    Bleeding-hearted Liberals in Georgia For those of us who inhabit (or have inhabited) the Peach State, but have not yet grown tired of throwing our votes away to Republican majorities. We shall overcome.   3 Join
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    chairs Miami The furniture that is purchased has to be in proportion to the size of the room you have. It should not be too big or small, as that may give your office an odd look. The interior decor of the room is also an important factor to look for while selecting office furniture. Budget process 1 Join
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    Climate Change / Global Warming An open group for examining and advocating congressional action on the global crisis of climate change. Environmental protection 9 Join
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    Colorado Congressional District 2     1 Join
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    comprar xbox live Gaming can be of two types, PC gaming and Console gaming. PC games run on specific configurations. The system requires to have that requirements in order to play the game. This is not the case with Console gaming. Photography and imaging 1 Join
  • Printstage
    discount Printing Services Custom printing for your business and personal needs. Business Cards, Postcards, Magnets, Brochures, Return Address Labels, Invitations and more. Lowest price guarantee. Fast delivery. Customer satisfaction. Unemployment 1 Join
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    Ebook Grants Debate about Ebook Grants Education programs funding 2
  • Square_logo_(1)
    Election Integrity NJ Election Integrity NJ is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization dedicated to upholding free and fair elections. We are the only election integrity organization in New Jersey. If our elections are not truly fair, we are not truly free. The goal of Election Integrity NJ is to promote public confidence in the integrity of local, state and federal elections in the State of New Jersey by: 1. Ensuring that voter registration rolls are accurate and in compliance with federal and state election laws; 2. Encouraging New Jersey citizens to be active participants in the electoral process by volunteering to be election board workers and poll watchers; 3. Offering poll watcher training to registered voters in New Jersey; and 4. Supporting legislative measures that will protect the right of every eligible voter in the State of New Jersey to cast a vote in free and fair elections, without having that vote cancelled by a fraudulent ballot. Elections, voting, political campaign regulation 2 Join
  • Election%20reform%20consortium
    Election Reform Consortium We cover all issues having to do with election reform on the national level and the state level. Election reform includes giving DC voting rights, campaign finance reform, etc... Elections, voting, political campaign regulation 32 Join
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    Emergency Management   Emergency management 1
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    Energy   Alternative and renewable resources 1
  • Philippine-flag1
    Filipino-Related Group for tracking and coordinating on issues and bills which concern Filipinos and Filipino-Americans Civil rights and liberties, minority issues 1
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    Fog Creek A venue for Fog Creek and Stack Exchange employees to share information and lobby their representatives in order to positively affect their workplaces Science, technology, communications 3
  • 6213857-a-scientist-in-a-lab
    Food Science Chef A group created for discussion relating to Nutrition and health issues and what the food science sector can do to help our communities. Health 6 Join
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    Germany Defense Veterans of America Honorably Discharged veterans who served in the former West Germany from 1955-1990. Armed forces and national security 2 Join
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    Guardians of the Constitution     7 Join
  • Immigrant-founded-by-industries
    High-Skilled Immigration Making Our Economy Stronger: The Need for High-Skilled Immigration Reform Immigrant entrepreneurs started 25% of engineering and technology companies between 1995 and 2005, including some of the economy’s biggest names. And immigrants are inventors. According to a Duke University study, the share of U.S. patent applications filed by immigrants rose from 7.3% to 24.2% from 1998 to 2006. Nearly a quarter of our scientists and almost half of our engineers are immigrants. Immigration 1 Join
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    Hip Resurfacing Provides Return to Active Life Candidates for hip resurfacing tend to be highly motivated, younger people who have already done a fair amount of research on their own and they have a pretty good idea of what they want to do Health 1 Join
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    How to remove pet stains from carpets Pet odor removal product not only successfully cleans the carpets but also removes the conjointly on rugs, clothing, fabrics, fabric furnishings, upholstery, bed linen, leather, wood surfaces and concrete. Small business 1 Join