• rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:18pm

    Note : Pl ,I was facing continuous -forced unemployed ness+ high –torture, discrimination +forced virgin =no sex !! ,from Feb. 2003 to till 22 Jan 2008 ! =continuous 5 years in India = its example of , India’s , inhuman use of satellite technology =ISRO ,PMO !!? please even I have ~10 years vast experience as analytical chemist =chemistry , pl I am Indian minority +OBCS=other backward class – scientist ! , pl I have 75% in physics 1989 – BSc , 2 year +70% overall physics BSc, I have four publications anti terror ,anti explosive at IUPAC =WWW.IUPAC.ORG, WWW.IUPAC2003.ORG ,PITTCON ,DHS , WWW.RSC.ORG/ARF08 = Analytical Research Forum 2008 =total 16 international level publication,
    even Indian was not given me UN jobs it self ??

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:18pm

    Pl ,I invented Ruhel sensor , Nobel – Ruhel -Far-Brain -Sensor, Ruhel word converter attach in scanner, Handy Ruhel -Micro -GC/MS, Ruhel New to anti -chemical terror ,Pl I have 75% in Physics 1989 – BSc, 2 year +70% overall physics BSc, I have four publications anti terror ,anti explosive at IUPAC, ,National research council Canada = ,Canadian society for chemistry =CSC ,SAM-2006 , ,…,I have two publications against Al-Qaida , one against LTTE =South Indian in ME=Gulf !? , few against Hindutava terror groups ,which came from real life in India !!?? Please I got nominate for The William T. Pecora Award.2006,2007 , Its for remote sensing Technology, ,Pl Its NASA Award , ,Pl I am Indian minority +OBCs=Other backward class – scientist ! ,Pl I am one of the reviewer in J . Schizophrenia Research ( www. from May 2007 .

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:19pm

    Pl even , I sent 14 emails to Shashi Tharoor – his assistants (,,,,, ) from 2006 TO 2008 =Nominate for UN Secretary general – who was 2nd hot in elections !! & I – request to save my – career +life +brain from past 5 years forced unemployed ness ,torture , discrimination !! what they did & what are the result !! ? while Mr. Shashi Tharoor was earning approx 40,000 $ per month salary till 2008 in UN from UN Job =he was aiming for highest post and salary of UN !!?? on Indian like these activities !!?? now also he is getting 25 ,000 $ per month pension from UN + other also !!?? while after that also these Indian people kept me force unemployed ness ,continuous 2 years , its intension was clear that Shashi Tharoor will be UN ,

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:20pm
    while sir you check how many Indian have publications against Al-Quida and Taliban !!?? even its from DRDO , BPRO , IITs ,IISC ,IAS ,IPS ,Indian foreign service !!!?? while my first publication against al-Quida was in 2003 at IUPAC, and second publication against Al Quida was in 15th April /March -2008 at RSC , ,from Saudi Arabia !! but what Indian are doing with my life +with my respected ,with my career ,prospect ,future !!?? these people are more dangerous then Iranian Fatwa to Rushdie !!?? Bangladeshi Fatwa to Tasleema Nasreen !!?? means Indian more dangerous then these two nations concern attempt to murder like this !!?? Ruhel date 22-02-2009 Udaipur –Raj .

    While I found that Hindu ISI =Udaipur –Raj -Intelligence

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:21pm

    While I found that Hindu ISI =Udaipur –Raj -Intelligence ,hacked my emails ,Cell ,phone , all and deleting all good job offer ,interview offer ,from past 3 months after my reach at India !!?? these people are deleting all SMS ,Call at my cell number =00919636919708 ,Tel : 00912942488521 ,Emails,,,,, !!plus people call to me from international those know my real life human right ,social science case !!
    this is same trend of this nation =India which I faced in July 1999 to 2001=3 years ,then Feb 2003 to 2008 Jan , forced unemployed ness up to 8 years approx continuous 8 years force unemployed ness ,torture !!?? plus ,torture , harassment , discrimination !??
    Ruhel Chisty date 03-03-2009, then this Hindu nation is using me to take advanced technology ,from Space ,Defense industries of USA ,Europe , from past 2002 to till now !!

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:21pm

    Pl I sent my real life case to NHRC =to kept me continuous 5 years , forced unemployed ,torture ,discriminate ,harassed , to NHRC =national human right commission ,New Delhi , on date 5th May 2007 ! now you=UN Officials ,visit NHRC Web= & See at Complain =put this Case Number= 28251/CR-2007 ,Pl you will get my address =Ruhel Chisty New Delhi ,Delhi !! & while my address is 23 AA Kishan pole Udaipur Raj 313001 India ! Please see the corruption level in India at this level ,people are changing address ,matters in Human right cases also Ruhel Chisty date 05-03-2009 !! & I am sent their , Courier with full case +all my Degrees ,College position certificate +ACS, IUPAC + BSc degree +List of publications

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:22pm

    Now on date , 19-02-2009 again I sent my real life case to protect my self and Talented brain from minorities =Indian christen ,Indian Muslim those want to get jobs in ME=Gulf +USA ,Europe ,
    By courier = Blaze Flash courier limited , C.N= 292193465 , with my Physics resume +Chemistry New resume mentioned My work =10 years experience analytical chemist +one year work with SABIC , , Petrochemical and Global company which is 10th global rank in Petro chemical and 321 Global rank in over all global companies . + list of my publications , my memberships with ACS, IUPAC, RACI, Plus I clearly mention that , I have two publications against Al-Qaida , one against LTTE =South Indian in ME=Gulf !? , few against Hindutava terror groups ,which came from real life in India !!??

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:22pm

    Please recently = 15th April /March -2008 , my one paper=Abstract got selected in prime conference of royal society of chemistry = Analytical Research Forum 2008, Title: Ruhel New concept to anti -chemical terror by use of speed checker AND Chemical detective sensors to stop Al-Quaida attack at Saudi Aramco AND SABIC AND Other Petrochemicals companies in Gulf and whole world
    While here I like to mention the Udaipur Based Police reality ,these people are those who is supporting of this torture ,by brain waves voice rays from past 1991 to 2009 ,Till now !! while these people have all instrument which can talk at TV Voice mode , means DRDO Provide these Udaipur based police advance instruments , in 1992 it self !! But these people used is towards kill the minorities like me !!?? and these people have ability to records these brain waves torture in 1992 it self !!

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:23pm

    ADDRESS :-(1st address=Home ): Ruhel Chisty ( MRACI-C.Chem) .
    23 AA Kishan pole Udaipur –Raj ,India , My Cell =Mobile =0091-9636919708 ,& Tel: 91-294-2488521 (Home )
    Fax :,
    91294-2411992 ( attn Ruhel Chistry) My Cell =Mobile =0091-9636919708

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:26pm

    while Indian government providing Z-Security =Commando ,to Hindu terror ,people =Like Ashok Singhal , Praveen Togadia, LK Advani , RamVellas Vadantii these all are from VHP =Vishav Hindu Parisad ,and for each of these Hindu terror ,Indian government is consuming 1.2 Million $ per annum !!?? these all have proven record of provoke to murder ,kill ,riots , genocide ,gang rape with Nuns !!??
    Ruhel 26-01-2009 , Note ,Please these Z-Security =Commando provider Indian government is India’s so called secular party =Congress party ,from past 5 years of there rule , while BJP =RSS provide them security from past 1990 to 2003 !!=13 years !!??
    It look like that Hindu Taliban leaders are getting security from Ruling government of this Hindu nation India !!??

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:26pm

    While India have , Arun Gawli = Member of Parliament ,from Mumbai =Don = a notorious criminal turned politician =Mumbai Don ,who filled the vacuum created by Dawood Ibrahim’s !! Gawli was at one point actively supported by Bal Thackeray !!= !!?? Ruhel Date 06-03-2009 , while I do not meet with my kid=F. Chisty ,from past 1999 to till now ,as Indian religion -laws ,have complexity ,while his age is now 12 years ,this is also one torture to person like me , as root birth , in this Hindu nation =India !!!?? while Indian government providing Z-Security =Commando ,to Hindu terror ,people =Like Ashok Singhal , Praveen Togadia, LK Advani , RamVellas Vadantii these all are from VHP

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:29pm

    Pl, I have ~10 years experience with Analytical technique , one year with SABIC , company =Saudi Kayan petrochemical co , here I was Middle management =”Lab-Specialist –Chemical analysis “=GC=Gas Chromatography ,wet chemistry , UV/VIS =Colorimetric analysis +Other analysis ,On line analyzers –(Inside – technology ) ,for All Plants of Saudi Kayan =(1) Phenolic (2) Amines (3) Poly Olefines (4) Poly Propylene (5) Poly Carbonate , two years with Sumitomo -company

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:30pm

    ,Japan project , here I was QA Chemist (which is mention in global top 20 companies ), Pl I have 8 publications –at-international symposium on Chromatography , environmental +other = Pittcon 2003,04,05,06 , + ,, ,National research council Canada =Canadian society for chemistry =CSC , =Royal society of chemistry ,UK Pl I have 70% BSc Physics -68% BSc -Chemistry –,We had 58 =50+8 – GC’s FID,MSD ,TCD , SDID , Methanizer , Micro –TCD ,PFPD , (Agilent –USA ) , there in Saudi Kayan , for all Plants ,

  • rchisty20081 03/06/2009 4:30pm
    Please I did Also work for AMINES PROJECT =Ethanol amines ,and Ethoxylates at , =Mono Ethanol Amine ,Di Ethanol Amine ,Tri Ethanol Amines=100,000 TPA its ,made from Ethylene Oxide and , Ammonia (=NH3=From SAFCO) reaction , this By Licensor Oxiteno , Brazil Project , Ethoxylates= C12-C15 , Fatty Alcohol , Nonyl Phenol , Glycol (DEG,TEG) , Castor Oil ,Sorbitan Monooleate ,Tallow Amines .

    (28) I worked for Chemical analysis of Poly Olefins = By Licensor = (1) Himout (Italia ) And (2) Montell Poly Olefins Italia (Center Research G .Natta ) (3) Basel- Poly Olefins

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