• georgec 05/04/2008 12:54pm

    This is the most outrageous law on the books today. I can get caught with meth in my pocket and go to prison for ten years. I can kill someone and be out in seven. Does that make any sense? PLEASE GET RID OF THIS STUPID LAW. In the U.S.,we have over two million people in prison, more than any other nation in the world. WHY??

  • blindtoitall 05/18/2008 6:38pm

    Alcoholism is now a disease that is treated but drug addicts are thrown into prison.Why is there a difference btween the two? BECAUSE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GET TAX MONEY FROM THE SALE OF ALCOHOL. WHEN THEY LEAGALIZED BOOZE, IT WAS OK THEN. But we can NOT have peaple making money and the feds not getting a share. The people who started the drug generation now wants to stop it. HYPOCRITES!!!!! Is there anyone around 60 years that did NOT get high during our younger years. Didn’t see anything wrong with it then; what changed? Contact congress and demand this be abolished!!! A lot of people would lose thier jobs if this is overturned. FBI agents,DEA agents, Police Officers,Prison Guards and the list goes on and on. Not to mention the crooked cops that take the money and/or drugs for themselves. We live in a police state. If a cop tells you to eat shit, you had better do it. Better than doing 10 years in the slammer. Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye because it is here. Go to frontline snitch drug and read some of what is going on. You will be shocked. Cops are taking property to finance operations. Pathetic country we live in. Seven million in jail and rising. Where will it end?

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