Former Sen. John Warner

Republican  •  Virginia 5 Terms  •  Sworn In 1979
Last Term 2003 - 2009 View All

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  • Anonymous 06/15/2008 5:15pm

    Middle class America wake up! A vote for a Republican is a vote for your own demise. Is war moral or do the Republicans just use religion to sell out the well meaning and good folks of America? Remember in November!!!!!! Vote all these bums out!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 06/27/2008 6:03am

    Thanks! for voting nay on S 3101 (Medicare Competitive Bidding Delay)…lets just turn this country into a socialistic society. Do you realize that by allowing competitive bidding you are making large companies get bigger and shutting down thousands of smaller DME companies, thus thousands of jobs have been lost. Medicare recipients have not been educated on this issue and are in for a scare. Thanks again….greed and money= US government!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jp215 03/17/2009 9:12pm

    This guy doesn’t like freedom by introducing bills like this


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