Former Rep. Judy Biggert

Republican  •  Illinois 7 Terms  •  Sworn In 1999
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  • Anonymous 03/19/2008 6:28am
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    You’re a pirate, lady! :o

    ….ARGH! They’re after me lucky charms :D

  • Democrator 04/09/2008 9:56am
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    Push for s2544 we need your help…..

  • Anonymous 05/05/2008 12:33pm

    Hey Judy, It’s monday and my family will be homeless on saturday. Will you help us? Start by backing the emergency unempolyment issue. Thanks from Downers Grove Illinois.

  • Anonymous 05/12/2008 6:48pm

    If this is the same as the The Student and Teacher Safety Act of 2006, it is BULLSHIT!!

    Giving the schools the power to strip search kids!!!
    We don’t have enough teacher abuse in schools, now they want to make it legal???

    Anyone doing this to any of my family will pay dearly.

    Any politician voting for this will not only NOT get my vote, but I will spread the word far & wide as to what they are up to.

    I will be screaming bloody murder if this passes and I won’t stop till its revoked.

  • Anonymous 06/12/2008 7:07pm

    We are displeased with your NAY vote on H.R.5749. Please be aware that unemployed Republicans in ILLINOIS won’t be voting for you or the other Republicans anymore, they will be voting for Democrats. The most upsetting idea you and your Republican Cohorts presented is that a person would be eligible for a year of unemployment benefits after working only a week! That is VERY misleading, it makes it seem like a person would be eligible for a large amount of money, when that is NOT the case. People need to know the truth. The truth is each state has eligibility requirements and stipulations for earning a certain amount in a certain period of time in order to be even eligible for any state benefits. The amount of the state benefit is only about 1/3 of your previously salary, and depends on the total amount earned while working during the look back period. Here in ILLINOIS you need to earn a minimum of $1600 in the look back period which consists of 4 quarters. Therefore a person who worked part time for one week and earned $1600 in that week would only be paid $50 a week for 26 weeks. Is $50 a full benefit to you? For this little amount of money, you and the other Republicans jeopardized this legislation, you are making millions of people continue to hurt and be desperate. We are not happy with you or the other Republicans, now your job is in jeopardy.

  • Anonymous 06/14/2008 3:49am

    You are a huge waste of a good House Republican seat. What good have you done for the middle class people in your district? You are an embarrassment voting NAY on HR.5749 and not helping the many long term unemployed people within your district and across America. You should be ashamed of yourself! You will not be getting my vote come the November election and rest assured I will be getting the word out about your behavior and non-compassionate agenda.

  • Anonymous 06/14/2008 3:56am

    And believe me we will not forget the countless letters that are sent to your office with absolutely no reply whatsoever. What do you and your staff do all day? How rude for you to not even care about the concerns of the people living in your district. Do you even work? Oh yeah you occasionally send out a survey asking our input about things hot on your agenda list… Well guess what Biggert…don’t waste the postage next time and shove it up your useless ASS!!!!

    And to think of how many dummies out there that voted you in.

  • nagberi 06/05/2009 10:42am

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  • MrsJones 09/07/2009 1:56pm

    I attended the Naperville Il parade today and Judy Biggert participated. She was not actually there but a Japanese Car driven by people in her group showed a license plate of Congressional Illinois! When the Lexus went by my husband made a comment to the driver. Why does a US Congresswoman drive a Japanese car? I am so disappointed that a congresswoman that I voted for drives a Japanese Car!! Way to support America Congresswoman Biggert!!!!

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  • pelmof 06/30/2010 1:50am

    Dear Congresswoman Biggert,

    h.r.5618 needs to be passed immediately. There are 15 million Americans who are “unemployed through no fault of their own,” and who are also frantically attempting to find new jobs that do not exist. The majority of these 15 million have a family dependent upon their income, so that increases the number to possibly 30 or even 45 million Americans who are in imminent danger of losing everything. When this happens, the financial and moral consequences for this country will be dire indeed. I’ll say it again—h.r.5618 needs to be passed immediately! Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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