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  • TruePatriot 02/23/2008 6:20am

    I am very disappointed in your “Aye” vote on H.R. 1955 ! Have you considered that, in your zeal to protect the citizens of America, you have allowed fear to cloud your judgment? You and your cohorts are whittling away the rights of the people. Please read your history. Consult the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill. “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” FDR

  • Anonymous 03/07/2008 6:43am

    Congressman Clay – As a constituent I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you aye vote in support of HR1424 (The Paul Wellstone Equitable Treatment Act for Mental Health and Addiction). I very much appreciate it. ~ Dan Duncan Calverton Park, MO

  • timhavens 03/27/2009 3:14am

    If you have the chance to vote on H.J.Res.41 please vote Aye!

  • timhavens 03/29/2009 8:22am

    As a citizen of the United States, and a Resident of the State of Missouri, I respectfully DEMAND that you return any fund raising donations to your campaign received from any corporation or company which has received TARP funds “Bailout” monies.

    I did not agree with companies like “AIG” issuing contractual bonuses to employees with TARP funds, NOR to I agree with anyone in Congress or the Senate, in fact ANY public official taking a ‘donation’ to their campaign from any company currently being funded by ‘bailout’ monies of ANY kind including “TARP” funds.

    If you have recieved monies of this sort from any company or corporation please return 100% of it to the company or corporation IMMEDIATELY!

    Please also introduce a BILL in congress which requires the same of all other Elected officials within the United States so that they may NOT ACCEPT donations from such ‘bailed out’ companies or corporations.

    See Continued Comment…

  • timhavens 03/29/2009 8:23am

    …Continued from Previous comment…
    Accepting such funds equates to accepting a ‘kick back’ from companies you may have voted to say with the Tax Payer Burdening the weight.

    This simply is NOT right, and should be made ILLEGAL! It is a CLEAR violation of a conflict of interest. The interest being that of the People whom you represent vs. the need for you to fund your campaigns.

    Please return immediately any funds you have received from these organizations, and no not accept anymore at least until the ‘bailed out’ companies have restored the funds they have accepted from “TARP”.

    Please also make every effort to encourage legislation in this regard, and please pressure on your peers to do the same.

    Tim R. Havens

  • timhavens 03/30/2009 3:39am

    H.R. 1444 ‘Congressional Commission on Civic Service Act’ Sec 4.b.6

    “(6) Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.”

    Please VOTE TO STRIKE THIS TEXT from H.R. 1444 prior to any further motion on this bill.

  • timhavens 04/02/2009 5:33am

    Please vote Aye for H.R. 1207 – “Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009” It is about time we have an Audit of the Private institution which calls itself ‘The FEDERAL Reserve" don’t you think?

  • Piskami 05/07/2009 11:49am
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    Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act – HR 1966

    This bill is a violation of the First Amendment and is nothing more than a way around our constitution. There are other ways to present a bill that would punish those who do harm to other via electronic communication. This bill is poorly worded and truly unclear.

    I please ask you to remove your co-sponsorship on this bill.

    Thank you,
    Ryan (Missouri, 63026)

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    kaebugbee 03/27/2010 11:37am

    There has to be some way to stop the bullying that is going on online. Children and adults should not have to suffer because someone is hiding behind the 1st ammendment. It is even worse in the case of Megan Meier because it was not a another child but an adult posing as a child. They already knew about her depression and to act the way they did was criminal and it was wrong. The only problem is that there is no law preventing others from continuing to do the same thing.

  • MatadorBID 06/15/2009 8:20am

    This racist needs to be thrown from the Hill.

  • klassylady25 03/22/2010 9:35pm

    One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty ~ The time has come in American when those, in service, stop making a living off of those that work. Time to find a real job.

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  • PDG 02/10/2011 8:03pm

    I am disappointed in you sir.

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