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aj_franklin 04/06/2008 12:55pm

The EPA has stopped protecting the environment. Its anti-science bias of recent years is widely known and deplored.

Good stewards are vital to the earth, now more than ever before in our history.

EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson overrules his science advisers to make decisions that pander to corporate interests and clearly weaken efforts to reduce pollution.

Johnson must go. I call on Congress to ask the President to replace him with a more science-oriented, protective administrator without delay.


Alan J. Franklin
TX 22

TX22 03/14/2008 11:29am
in reply to John_Wieder_TX22 Feb 26, 2008 10:58pm

here is another one on your side in hell

I strongly oppose the bill. It seeks to overturn Roe vs. Wade which would be by berner24 | Feb 24, 2008(19 days ago) | Reply | Overall Rating: 5.0 | My Rating

disasterous and would send us back to the dark ages where women had no power over their bodies… which is absolutely unconstitutional.

berner24 yes that is going to be you
burn-er 24 hours a day in hell. What is the matter no gonads? Man you need to wake up. That child that is unborn is an American. Since they have started this nonsense 50,000,000 have died, been murdered and another 50,000,00 were not born which leaves a big vacuum that is being filled with illegal aliens. Social Securtiy is shot because of that too. Almost every problem we have. It is too bad that your mother did not do that to you, it might have been the only way you would have made it to heavan. Your not going to make it like this. May GOD bless all of us,U.S. Too!!! In Jesus name!!! Amen johnwieder,servant

Go to this link to sign Petition forLife (POLL)
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John_Wieder_TX22 02/26/2008 10:58pm
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Hello, I am sure you know who I am. Your right, I do not shake hands with Dr. Death. You need to co sponser that Lif e begins @ CONCEPTION AMENDMENT. You say that you are Catholic, but the Catholics are pro life and even they say you are not really catholic. NOTICE, Co Sponser Right to Life or Turn in your Resignation. John Wieder TX-22,
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