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  • Quahog 04/30/2009 5:27pm

    I really wish Ron Paul had been elected to the presidency. If he had I have no doubt the country would be on the mend.

    Let’s hope he runs again in 2012!

  • enjoiskaterguy 05/24/2009 11:41pm

    The most humble, honest, caring, and principled man in politics on this planet today. A modern Thomas Jefferson.

  • totellthetruth 06/12/2009 3:33pm

    Is anyone besides me puzzled that Dr. Ron Paul’s rating is only a 94.2%, shouldn’t that be more????

  • Jebril 06/26/2009 3:14pm

    Ron Paul is the fucking man.

    Forgive my profanity….

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 06/30/2009 6:23am

    I forgive you , but really you don’t have to use this kinda language to get your point across . Have a good day !

  • Comm_reply
    fortermlimits 11/04/2009 11:47am

    Could you avoid using such language next time?

  • dabruin2 06/27/2009 4:24am

    All Ron Paul supporters should work towards informing people about H.R. 2454. It is taxation without representation, more government control over our lives, and added bureaucracy. And if your Congressman voted for it, then you need to work towards voting him out of office.

  • Comm_reply
    ronpaul2012 07/22/2009 10:07am

    My congressman, Solomon Ortiz was one of the 44 democrats that voted against it! He usually votes with Ron Paul, so he’ll get my vote next election for sure!

  • LDishman 07/31/2009 11:40pm

    I wish Ron Paul were POTUS too!

    Oh, and lerichards, please stop posting that crap everywhere….we are sick of seeing your paragraph. Thanks.

  • FallenMorgan 08/14/2009 9:40am

    Ron Paul is the only person in Congress who believes in freedom and the Constitution. You go, Paul! I wish more people were like him, instead of Hamiltonian big-government supporters.

  • romoore14 08/18/2009 1:07am

    I am so gracious to have a Rep. as admirable and patriotic as Dr. Paul! Plus it saves me from having to constantly email and contact him regarding all the B.S. that Congress tries to sneak past us!

    Thank you Dr. Paul.

  • RonPaulGirl 09/16/2009 2:36pm

    I love The Good Doctor! I’s trust the man with my life, I can’t say that about many…especially politicians. Thanks, Dr. Paul

  • RonPaulGirl 09/16/2009 2:41pm

    I love The Good Doctor! I’d trust the man with my life, and I can’t say that about many…especially politicians. Thanks, Dr. Paul 2012

  • AnotherCitizen 10/15/2009 8:40pm

    Thank you for opposing S. 773.

  • Comm_reply
    chevelle3429 11/19/2009 7:18pm

    if he isnt our president in 2012 we then know the polls are fixed. thank you Doctor for all your efforts!!!

  • Illuminati_Hater 12/20/2009 12:22pm

    Dr. Paul is the Albert Einstein of the political system. He understands and follows the reason that the Founding Fathers had for this country.

    The good news is that more and more people are beginning to support 1207. The fact that seventy-five percent—three quarters of the American public—support an audit of the Fed shows that his movement is spreading everyday. Cheers to the good doctor!
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  • TeaPartyCitizen 03/12/2010 1:19pm

    God bless Texas! If Socialism takes over America, I’m moving to the last great State on Earth — Texas.

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  • Comm_reply
    treasurefish 03/07/2011 10:43am

    I don’t know, I don’t care. This is Ron Paul’s board. Now STFU!

  • mastermeerkat 05/16/2010 2:40pm

    this guy is one of the few conservatives i like

  • wonderwoman 05/18/2010 1:59pm

    You are my hero, Dr. Paul!!!

  • Rustydawg420 08/18/2010 9:06pm

    Never in my adult life have I ever had someone I could truly consider a hero until I heard Dr. Paul speak…Everything he talks about he believes to the core of his being… If all politicians were like him we would live in the most awesome Country on Earth… He has inspired me to be the best American I can be not because I “have” to but because it is just the right thing to do…

  • Comm_reply
    ronpaulforprez 04/24/2012 8:35pm

    I feel the same way! Keep up the fight… We can do it RP12!

  • JackCox 01/06/2011 5:56pm

    One of the Few Republicans I have extreme admiration for, I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says but he’s one of the few Honest People in Congress today.

  • PDG 02/09/2011 11:49am

    I wish I lived in Texas. Mr Paul thinks of the good of America and it’s citizens. He’s consistent, reasonable, and makes sense.

  • salsantoro 02/14/2011 5:27pm

    If we could get everyone in our government to think like Ron Paul America could be great again.

  • treasurefish 03/07/2011 10:39am

    I don’t even read the text of bills any more. If Ron Paul supports it, I support it 100%!

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • FtMacVet 04/10/2011 7:32am

    Congressman Paul:
    H.R 6238, the Fort McClellan Registry Act proposed by Rep. Tonko of NY will be reintroduced in the current session of Congress.
    I was a W.A.C. stationed at Fort McClellan, and suffer a myriad of health issues due to my exposure to chemical contaminants there. As a Texas voter, I admire you, so I am disheartened to learn that you oppose this Bill. HR. 6238 will enable us to seek VA medical care for health problems caused by chemical exposure at Fort McClellan. Sir, we veterans are PEOPLE, not serial numbers. We are taxpayers and VOTERS. We volunteered to serve our nation, and accepted the risk of injury or death at the hands of an enemy. We did NOT volunteer to be poisoned by our own government, and it is not right that we should be simply tossed away as “disposable”.
    I consider you as a viable Presidential candidate in 2012, but your opposition to H.R. 6238 makes me hesitant to trust your leadership. Please reconsider your vote on this Bill. Thank you.

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