Former Rep. Rick Renzi

Republican  •  Arizona 3 Terms  •  Sworn In 2003
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  • Anonymous 04/09/2008 5:52pm

    Honorable Rick Renzi
    I am a citizen of Arizona and have a major concern over the price of Gasoline for our cars. I drive an older model chevrolet pick-up which is highly dependable. I purchased gasoline today, 4-9-2008 at $3.35 a gallon, i did not get even 6 gallons of fuel. I have seen in the past during Arizona’s election for Governor that the prices were lowered for the period prior to the election, however they climbed back the the previous price thereafter. It is my concern that if something is not done about this issue, it will force our economy into a depression such as like the 30’s. I did see that congress did question those that head the oil companies, my recall doesn’t serve me well to know the name of the congressman that questioned why the oil companies were stating they earned .08 cents to the dollar when they are making record profits. I do not like this situation, and like others i DO NOT believe that my voice will go unheard. I know we live in the best democracy in the world, and the best Nation in the world, but sometimes the government has to act on situations such as this before it brings our economy down. I do not want to decide if i put food on my table, or gasoline in my truck. Mass transit is not available to me at the times i would need it to get to work. I work at the Lower Buckeye Jail as a Detention Officer, i make good money, pay my bills on time, but it’s getting tough. Some would say i should invest in a newer model truck/car, however the cost of the payments, the insurance and gasoline out weigh what i spend on my 1972 chevrolet. I pay my bills to include a mortgage, thankfully i am not mixed up in that debacle. I ask that You as a represenative of Arizona really devote attention to this matter before it is too late. Please feel free to respond back to me at the following email address: While i am not well versed on laws, and the working of the government, i do believe that those who represent us in Washington D.C. have a duty to pass on a government that is working to the future generations in better shape than they recieved it. While the control of Gasoline would NOT be popular amongst some, being in a depression would be even less popular.

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