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Republican  •  6th District, Michigan  •  14th Term  •  Sworn In 1987
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  • Anonymous 06/04/2008 7:56am

    Please Mr Upton push to pass the extension of unemployment for the state of Michigan, thank You.

  • gkdaw_usa 07/12/2008 7:31pm

    Yes Pass it to help your Fellow Americans people, not the people that are Killing this Country Like The Princess of OIL you know your Boss the one that has the world in this mess, just look at it just think you helped make it this whay are you a proud Republi=cannot’s are you a American or not? ancer this then it is your Boss Truth!

    What is the Idea of Independents ? Oil or America ? or for the king of Oil S.A.= ?

    Happy Independents Day America!?
    We have a longer way too go!
    I think we are further from American Independents than ever Befor in History!, We where from the start !
    It started out to be U.S. verses British Rule and now it is the United States of America Verses The rule of OIL but are we fighting to help the rule of Oil or are WE fighting to brake away from Oil it is all the to be looked at but we are on the wrong side at this time in history of true Independents we have the technologies to brake away from the RULER of Oil but our Leader in not for Independents he is for the Rule of OIL and the Rule of Oil is not IN this Country so the Ruler is not in this country and so the people of this country is too suffer the poor to suffer and most of all because the ruler of Oil has sent job’s away so the people would have more to complain about and still not really do a thing to fix this mess , the Rule has taken away all your Rights from are True INDEPENDENTS to try to replace it with the rule of Oil , and not to use the TECHNOLOGIES of yesterday to bring it to the Future, so by doing so we are not so Independent as WE should be. I can not stand it, I could be thronging names or Businesses names but most people know the truth and it is just a mater of time when the people of this country start dying for this U.S.A. country agian ! Here!
    Electric could be are NEW INDEPENDENTS! FROM THE RULER OF OIL!

    NISSAN | Super Motor, Thay Still do not know what I do , My Idea is better then this , There’s still needs a Battery’s or a gas motor to run it I am talking about running Big rigs as well as cars, trucks, SUV’s, Tractors, and small motors,but still I’m not getting the help I have asked for. I will need help to make it happen her in the USA!
    Can you help me ! Please! 4 your Country!
    call me at 1-269-236-5019 Ask for Glen to have a meeting
    Just becouse I am Disabled dose not mean I am not Bright.
    or have I been BUSH-Wacked again
    U.S.A. Or Not

    What I would like to see is an address to the American People from are President that is talking To the American People not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not any thing But The People of The United States of America.
    Just look back at the address’s in the Past and the History of real Presidents of this Country. He has not even been clouse to the People and yor Party has been the same! just look at Hitlers Party just one to follow and A real American is no guts no glory! so what is your Party ?
    American OR not ?

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  • Imaginativelaura 07/14/2010 3:15pm

    Mr. Upton you have done an outstanding job and your name recognition in this area is unsurpassed. Now, we ask for your support in return; PLEASE do everything you can to get the Unemployment Extension underway I know you don’t want to give handouts to those who will not help themselves but in the process you are punishing those of us who are working 60+ hrs a week trying to find ANY kind of work, who are going to school to try and better themselves, who have swallowed their pride and taken Unemployment benefits to begin with. I could only imagine how you would feel if your assets where frozen and you were not paid for weeks; if you had an electric company that doesn’t care if your laid off; and most of all hungry children with only $2 in the bank… Please put yourself in the shoes of those who put you into office and help us!

  • srnicol 07/19/2011 6:43pm

    Rep. Upton,

    Please schedule a hearing for H.R. 2306 Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition. The fact that two men, Rep. Lamar Smith and yourself, can halt the democratic process so abruptly is absurd.

    The 10th amendment give the power of cannabis prohibition to the States, since marijuana prohibition cannot be found in the Constitution. This was never supposed to be a Federal issue. Leave the Federal government out of it and let democracy have a chance. Schedule a hearing. It does not guarantee legalization. It guarantees justice though, by allowing for a healthy and informed debate.

    Schedule the debate.

    Thank you sir.

  • gustafsonleif 07/27/2011 4:14pm

    Please schedule a hearing for HR 2306. I second everything the previous comment has said in regards to this bill as I cannot state my perspective anymore clearly than that.

    Let justice prevail, do the job you were elected for.

  • lurking_kitty 04/27/2012 5:41pm

    I like you. Or rather, I used to like you, until I looked at the votes for CISPA. I was counting on you to vote no, to protect the rights of your constituents who put you in office, but instead you let me and many other people in the 6th district down. Would it had made a difference if you voted no? Probably not, but just the fact you voted no would show you have your constituents privacy and rights in mind. So thanks. Thanks for nothing.

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