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  • bkoppe 02/09/2008 11:14am

    OK, first, the implication that the only reason somsone would choose Obama over Clinton is because of racism is ridiculous. That’s no different than saying the only reason to choose Clinton over Obama is sexism. Both are obviously not true (and, by that logic, one must be either a racist or a sexist to have any preference in the Democratic nomination).

    Second, it appears you’ve essentially outed yourself as a Republican supporter seeking to make negative comments on Obama’s page, in which case I have no interest to continue discussion here beyond this comment. Calling either of their health care plans “socialist” is clearly not something a supporter of either would do. (It’s also further from the truth in the case of Obama, since he is opposed to mandates for adults).

    Lastly, suggesting that I may not have a job – and the implication that you consider me to be an ignorant youth – is quite insulting to me. I’ll admit to being in the 18-29 demographic (though I won’t bother describing where), but I most certainly have not only a full time job, but I spent my years in college earning my degree in political science. I know plenty about the role of the president and the different variations in leadership style it has gone through over the years, and I have no interest in accepting being insulted by someone whose only purpose here appears to be criticizing Obama in hopes of helping Clinton gain the nomination, so that your own candidate can have a better shot at the presidency. (For those who are unaware, recent polls indicate that if the election were held today, Clinton and McCain would be very close, where Obama would win by about 7%.)

    Seriously…“socialist ideas?” Give me a break.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 11/15/2008 1:22pm

    lol…everyone knows that white people voted for obama based on that single reason…so no one would think they were racist.

  • weasel 02/09/2008 12:16pm
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    Oh I am sorry. I did not know this page was off limits for “non-supporters”.

    I did not suggest that you did not have a job, much less imply anything about your age. You have to learn to actually listen to your opponent if you want to ever be able to have an intelligent discussion. It is quite characteristic for socialists to ignore the real arguments, and instead respond to imaginary ones.

  • Anonymous 02/10/2008 3:25pm

    I support Obama’s candidacy. It is time everyone is able to witness and participate in a changing process. I offer my services translating into Spanishdocuments for the campaign. Counsel advisers to remind him that he needs to secure Puerto Rican votes by addressing the island leaders. Leonora

  • Anonymous 02/13/2008 5:09pm

    How Dangerous is Obama?

    This article proves that he’s merely a tool for the world government and promoter of a tax to be paid to the UN to fuel its totalitarian control over us and to redistribute the wealth to other countries.  

    “A nice-sounding bill called the “Global Poverty Act,” sponsored by Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Barack Obama, is up for a Senate vote on Thursday and could result in the imposition of a global tax on the United States. The bill, which has the support of many liberal religious groups, makes levels of U.S. foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates of the United Nations."

    “The bill defines the term “Millennium Development Goals” as the goals set out in the United Nations Millennium Declaration, General Assembly Resolution 55/2 (2000)."

    “In addition to seeking to eradicate poverty, that declaration commits nations to banning “small arms and light weapons” and ratifying a series of treaties, including the International Criminal Court Treaty, the Kyoto Protocol (global warming treaty), the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child."

    Read the rest here: 

  • Anonymous 02/14/2008 10:50am
    the republicans are voteing for obama so that he will get the nomination,i’v heard this on two talk shows ,bill oan c-span washington jurn.
  • thepoorpeoples 02/19/2008 8:17pm
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  • thepoorpeoples 02/19/2008 8:58pm
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    STOP BILL HR 1955 AND S BILL 1959

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 10/11/2008 8:18am

    Why are you filtering and hiding this bill to help children and to encourage Obama’s veto of these bills?

  • Anonymous 02/24/2008 9:12pm

    we need hope and help to spot discrimination in the va hospitals. we as vets are treated so bad at va clinic . we are told to stop looking for hand out. to detour us from getting. i had my fore head allmost blow off . 33 years ago. i can;t even get help . the va has me a post tramaic sydrom it is ptsd. try to explain it to the va .no help we need a change in our gov for the best for our troops that severd this to protect us i did vote for obama. we need change not a pacon place affairs and disgace in our country

  • Anonymous 03/02/2008 10:36am

    in my opinion i believe i should vote for Barack Obama, i not voting because of his race but because he seem to be a better president in future. however i do not mind whoever the presidency, the matter is who who will keep US as a better country that is the person that people want really.

  • Anonymous 03/02/2008 10:37am

    In my opinion i believe i should vote for Barack Obama, i am not voting because of his race but because he seem to be a better president in future. however i do not mind whoever win the presidency, the matter is who who will keep US as a better country? that is the person that people want really.

  • rdixon 03/03/2008 7:19am

    Senator Obama:Please vote for bill HR5173/S1200 to delay or stop the cuts for medicaid/medicare case management. This service is so important for local health departments, hospitals and commuity programs. Not to mention the number of people who will be out of work. I beleive that our citizens come first, but I don’t want to lose my job where I have been for 20 years.

  • jgallop 03/06/2008 9:15am

    Mr obama, start rallying with americans for extended benefits and help with the more food stamps and you will get my vote, Don’t go on like Clinton about the allternative energy jobs that look like a pipe dream right now.. We need you..

  • lerichards 03/07/2008 4:46am
    Homeland Security Satellites dangerous to all U S Citizens.

    Fear has gripped the Government and many people of The United States, causing havoc among all citizens. Not in history of civilization has such atrocities been realized. Spying and torture has become a common practice to any individual not living the productive life, people who live peacefully, people who are satisfied with their lives.
    Once the Government considers a person or persons unproductive, they are considered alien and a danger to the society. The government fears these people for their disrupting the overall progress of the American Way. Growth and prosperity has become a major concern to those people dwelling in luxury and vanity, while individuals who are satisfied with the common way of living are scrutinized and condemned for being lazy and indifferent to any advancement.
    America is the product of devastation to the planet Earth, and to the realm of outer space. The government has sold-out to the destruction of the planet with endless violations, removing the material resources and destroying natural environment, ending nearly all ecosystems of other forms of life.
    The End

  • Anonymous 03/11/2008 8:48am

    Mr. Obama: We the American people need help, specifically that of the Senate Finance Committee to get the unemployment extension up and passed. It hasn’t moved since January 22nd in the Finance Committee. Our government is battling with itself (republic vs. democrat) while the people who helped build this nation (and put you all in office) are going down without any help. For years, we have ‘paid into the system’ only to find that when we are in trouble, about to lose all of our retirement dollars and our homes, that the ‘system’ does not work for us. 26 weeks at $350 a week supplements some of us, keeps some of us off the streets and in some cases prevents people from starving. What happens to us after the 26 weeks? Why can’t we get all the programs that immigrants get? We paid for those benefits ..

  • Anonymous 03/16/2008 10:58am
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    Mr. Obama: I am thoroughly disgusted with you and all your other idiots in the senate except Tom Coburn,Jeff Sessions,and Byron Dorgan. You bend over backwards to keep your illegal alien friends happy so you can have their vote.Well, they can have you and you can have them because I don’t want either one of you. OH! BY THE WAY WHERE IS THE FENCE THAT WAS PROMISED TO US YEARS AGO? I’M STILL WAITING

  • Anonymous 03/17/2008 1:40pm

    THE POOR PEOPLE’S CAMPAIGN INC My people we must continue to stand as one. For as you all know it is together that we are most powerful. It was together that our people fought, went to jail, and even died for our sake. So it is now more than ever that we must stand taller than ever, and keep the fight that they started alive." "

  • Anonymous 03/28/2008 3:44pm

    I wish to thank Sen Obama for mentioning the extension for unemployment insurance , you have my vote in November, keep it up, and god bless

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 10/11/2008 8:20am
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    Yea, he’s going to change Washington. That’s why he’ll not support the Kennedy bill but write his own.
    Whose side do you think he’s on? His mentor Kennedy’s OR glorification for Himself????

  • Anonymous 03/31/2008 7:11am

    Barack Obama is our next president of the united states, and I’m proud to be an american again!!! please help the unemployed and hungry in the USA

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 10/11/2008 8:22am

    6 months later – we’re still unemployed and hungry. Good job, Obama – thanks loads.
    Kennedy’s bill would have helped us.

  • Anonymous 04/09/2008 5:48am

    PLEASE do everything you can to push for Uneployment security. S2544! This is a must more people are hurting than you know. And by all means please do the following!

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 10/11/2008 8:23am
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    Obama SOLD OUT Kennedy’s bill 2544.
    He decided to write his own which did not pass either.
    Yep, it’s October now and he’s still making promises and not delivering..

  • Anonymous 05/06/2008 9:14pm
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    he neeed a job

  • Anonymous 05/16/2008 9:42pm

    I have taken the time to read all these comments! I am not for or against any one who will, stand up, salute the American flag…which I have fought & lost blood to defend, and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America!!
    However, there was only one comment that is worth a hill of beans….the one about Senate Bill 2433. This is being hid from the public by national media networks. You never hear anything about this bill especially as it made its way through the House. Who is its sponsor…Mr. Obama! If this is any indication of the leadership…mention several times in the above comments…then we are in for a &*@ of a ride if he does get elected to the Presidency. And by the way, just so no one will say I’m saying this to harm his campaign…I am not for either Obama, Clinton, or McCain….Ron Paul was my choice as to who would step up and salute the flag, honor his country, and defend the Constitution.
    And also there is a photo on the net of Obama, Clinton, and Richardson on stage….Clinton and Richardson saluting the flag. If Obama is not going to salute the flag then he should step aside and let someone else be the leader of the pact! In battle when the soldier carrying the flag drops..another immediately picks it up and moves on. I can’t rationalize a veteran voting for anyone who is not willing to step up, salute the flag, and carry it as high as he/she can to show the world the greatness of this nation!! What a slam Bush has put on out great flag around the world in the name of terrorism. He has done some things that he has had no business doing and gone places where we should not have gone!

  • Anonymous 05/31/2008 8:59am

    why are you guys talking about assasination on a site that talks about bills and congress

  • Anonymous 06/04/2008 10:26pm

    These are the comments of Ted Kennedy on Senate Bill 2544 which is cosponsored by Barack Obama and was introduced as an EMERGENCY! Nothing has been done on it since January!

    Sen. Edward Kennedy [D-MA]: [Introducing S. 2544] Mr. President, it is clear that our economy is going from bad to worse. Every day the headlines bring more bad news. Fuel prices are going through the roof. Millions of families are at risk of losing their homes. Bankruptcies have risen by 40 percent in the last year alone.

    Most alarming, we are seeing a drastic rise in the number of Americans out of work. In December, half a million more Americans were unemployed than the month before. Today nearly 8 million Americans are looking for a job and can’t find one. The national unemployment rate has shot up to 5 percent—the biggest increase since the last recession. Experts say this number will rise well above 6 percent in 2009. Vulnerable parts of our population have been hit even harder—last month, 9 percent of African-American workers were unemployed, up sharply from 8.4 percent in November. Latino workers now have an unemployment rate of 6 percent.

    What’s more, we are seeing a large number of out-of-work Americans who still can’t find a new job months later. Nearly one out of five Americans who is looking for work has been out of a job for over 6 months—compared with roughly one out of ten in 2001, before the last recession. With only 4 million job openings and nearly 8 million unemployed Americans, there are two workers for every job. As unemployment rises, there will be even more workers competing for each job. As highlighted in yesterday’s front-page article in the Washington Post, this problem is affecting workers across our economy—even those with college educations and years of experience can’t find work.

    These aren’t just statistics. These numbers are coworkers, our relatives, our neighbors. For each and every one of those families, a pink slip can spell economic disaster.

    Losing a job isn’t just losing a paycheck—it can mean losing the results of years of hard work and sacrifice.

    For too many families, losing a job means losing health insurance. Without insurance, an unexpected hospital stay—from a broken leg or a cancer diagnosis—means certain financial disaster. Mr. President, 77 percent of middle class Americans do not have enough assets to pay essential expenses for 3 months. Without a paycheck, the rising price of daily necessities—housing, gasoline, and even groceries—becomes impossible to afford.

    Our unemployment insurance program is intended to help workers weather a job loss. Workers pay into the program throughout their careers. If they lose their jobs, they can collect a benefit while they look for work. The amounts are modest—typically less than half of a worker’s regular wages—but they help families to pay their rent, keep the house warm, and put food on the table.

    In good economic times, such benefits are enough to tide workers and their families over for the few weeks it takes to find a job. But these are not good times. It is taking longer and longer for unemployed Americans to find new work. Over 1.3 million Americans have been looking for a job for 6 months or more. As a result, an increasing number of workers have not found a new job by the time their unemployment benefits run out. Over the past year, over 2.6 million Americans—or 35 percent of all unemployed workers—have exhausted their unemployment benefits. Unless we respond soon, these and other families will be left in the cold.

    So we must act, and we must act now, to help these workers before financial disaster strikes. That is why I am introducing legislation today to give workers the help they need and have earned. The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act will ensure that Americans who keep looking for work but can’t find a job after 6 months will be eligible for up to 20 weeks of additional benefits. In very high-unemployment States, workers could also receive up to 13 more weeks of benefits. Because out-of-work families are facing skyrocketing costs of gas, home heating, food, and housing, long-term unemployed workers will temporarily receive $50 extra each week to help pay their bills.

    Providing this extension is a matter of fairness. We owe it to all workers who have lost their jobs in this struggling economy to provide help while they look for new jobs. Out-of-work Americans have worked hard all their lives. They have paid into the unemployment insurance system with the promise they would receive its protection when our economy is in crisis. Part of the American Dream is the opportunity to work hard, provide for your family, put your children through school, and save for retirement. When the economy isn’t working the way it should and the jobs simply aren’t there, we must stick together. We must take care of those who can’t find a job.

    But there’s another major reason to act. Economists agree that extending unemployment benefits is a powerful, cost-effective way to deliver a boost to the economy. The extension of benefits puts money into the hands of those who need assistance the most and are most likely to spend it immediately on basic essentials. This means money is flowing immediately to local businesses, which will in turn provide a further economic boost.

    Indeed, according to a report by Mark Zandi of Moody’s, each dollar invested in benefits to out-of-work Americans leads to a $1.73 increase in growth—the most of any measure tested. That compares with only pennies on the dollar for cuts in income tax rates or cuts in taxes on investments.

    The Congressional Budget Office agrees. Its report last week on short-term economic stimulus found that extending unemployment benefits is among the most cost-effective, potent, temporary steps that Congress can take to jump-start our economy.

    This is a tried and true approach to helping working families in economic downturns. In each recession since the late 1950s, Congress has extended unemployment benefits to those who have exhausted their benefits and can’t find work. It has often done so by overwhelming, bipartisan votes. Layoffs don’t discriminate by party.

    Extending unemployment benefits is the right thing to do for the economy and the fair thing to do for workers. I urge my colleagues to join me in helping out-of-work Americans and putting our economy back on track.

    HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comm_reply
    kjnelan 06/17/2008 11:04am

    A bill should be passed based on the merits of the bill and not as a tribute to ANYONE!!!!!!!!

    Boy… Talk about personal ignorance.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 10/11/2008 8:32am

    EXCUSE ME!!!!!
    I was trying to say that the bill should be passed OF COURSE for unemployed workers but also as an expression of respect for the person who introduced it who has worked hard his whole life for those less fortunate and not just “talked” about helping the unemployed.


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