Rep. Joe Courtney

Democrat  •  2nd District, Connecticut  •  4th Term  •  Sworn In 2007
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  • Anonymous 02/17/2008 5:17am

    Rep. Courtney,
    I’m very disappointed in your votes for HR 5349 on extending the Protect America Act. You not only voted to support HR 976 for a mere 21 day extension of this critical terrorist protection act, but also voted to extend the act for only 3 weeks. All this party-line support when renewing this act has been before Congress for TWO YEARS. Your votes show that you’re more interested in supporting your party and the terrorists that want to kill us than residents of the 2nd Congressional District of CT.
    I want a statesman to represent us, not a politician. More importantly, I want a statesman who will act to protect our freedoms. Lee Wilmot, Tolland

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  • klassylady25 03/22/2010 9:47pm

    So how did they buy your vote on Health care? It’s time for you to get out into the real world, because it’s obvious that you’ve lost touch with what’s really happening out here.

    Traitor: One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty ~ The time has come in American when those, in service, stop making a living off of those that work.

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  • pramsey 06/28/2010 7:52am

    J. Courtney voted yes on HR 5175. He responded to my e-mail urging him to vote no. In his response to me he stated that although the bill is not perfect the policy of disclosure (read transparency?) is too important to vote no. In saying this he has clearly, in my book, put transparency (look how much that has helped so far) is more important than the freedom of speech provided by the Constitution! CT 2 Dist, vote now on Courtney next election!

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