Rep. Robert Latta

Republican  •  5th District, Ohio  •  4th Term  •  Sworn In 2007
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  • Anonymous 02/12/2008 11:00am

    How about going to Washington DC to march with Rachel and me? The date is to be announced. The attached video from Ron Paul outlines the plan. For Rachel and me it is to show and proclaim to our government officials the existence of conservatives who want liberty, smaller government, balanced budgets and sound money. We passionately believe this is the right cause, irregardless of political persuasion; however, we do support Ron Paul for president.

  • Kickthebumsout 09/23/2009 5:00am

    HR 3548 Thanks for the nay vote..Republicans are not to smart..thought maybe you all would get the message in 2008..Rather sell your asses to the lobbyist then represent those that sent you..soooo…KICK THE BUM OUT.

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