Former Rep. Donald Cazayoux

Democrat  •  Louisiana 1 Terms  •  Sworn In 2008

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  • AlPerrin 06/28/2008 11:04am

    Representative Cazayoux,
    I am extremely disappointed in you for voting to GIVE 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS to Mexico to fight drug cartels and for OTHER PURPOSES. (Do you know what those OTHER PURPOSES are because I’m sure they will never be made public.)

    In case you are unaware, Mexicans and other South Americans have been streaming across our southern borders, stealing our identities, our jobs, and our social services. The Mexican government hands out booklets telling their own citizens how to cross our borders undetected, and opened up over 50 Consulates to help them stay. The amount of money sent back to families in Mexico exceeds Mexicos income from ther petroleum industry. Laws passed by Congress to build a fence along our southern border remain unfunded by the very same Congress that passed those laws. This government is waging an unjust war in Iraq, funded to the tune of 600 billion dollars by the COMMUNIST Chinese and had to borrow more to provide financial aid to it’s own citizens. This country continues to praise NAFTA as we have gone from a trade surplus to a trade deficit. We have a nation debt of 9 trillion dollars. Your charitable insticts must be tempered with common sense!

  • Anonymous 10/02/2008 11:23am

    Although the pending legislation to rescue the economy is not the best I believe it is essential. It is to bad we cannot have a simplified bill without all the pet projects to buy votes. James M. Pitchford, Baton Rouge, La


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