Sen. Ted Cruz

Republican  •  Texas  •  1st Term  •  Sworn In 2013

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ldranton 09/28/2013 2:23am

You and the other “Tea Party Republicans” both in the House and Senate suck!
When 2014 comes around I hope all of you get voted out, just like your Tea Party Republican Friend from Florida Allen West got voted out last November!

ttag8011 03/07/2013 12:09pm

As one of your constituents, I was thrilled to see you stand with Senator Paul and demand a straight answer to a straight question. Please keep it up.

petesza 02/25/2013 3:50pm

Guns should be licensed and registered and insured. There is no need for civilians to have large capacity automatic weapons.

Darrettt59 02/12/2013 8:04am

Mr. Cruz. Love your fight against gun control. I am a Vet, an am very much opposed to any new regulations on gun owners. As so many have said, bad guys don’t follow the law to begin with. Stand your ground. Great job.

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