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LakeSolon 02/17/2008 11:33am

geos -

I am also in support of investment in access to rural citizens. The oft-lauded promise of the great democratization of the internet only holds if all people have viable access.

However I see this organization’s response as analogous to being opposed to legislation to ensure the stop lights in town don’t malfunction because there aren’t enough roads outside of town. They’re both about the same infrastructure, and they both need attention, but they’re not mutually exclusive.

LakeSolon 02/14/2008 7:40pm

The full text is actually very short so I encourage you to read its entirety.

It has three main points:

First to amend the 1934 Communications Act to include some policies which state that “to maintain the freedom to use for lawful purposes broadband telecommunications networks, including the Internet, without unreasonable interference from or discrimination by network operators” is a good thing. And similar statements.

Second to require the FCC to assess various things such as how harmful the restrictions providers apply to a user’s network connection are. F’ex Comcast forging ‘reset’ packets to break BitTorrent.

Third to require the FCC to hold multiple summits on the topic, include a wide range of input (including on the internet as well as live events), and report the results to congress.

I actually think it’s a reasonable conservative step forward on what is an extremely complicated issue. I’m for it.

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