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MBArry47 06/24/2010 4:48am

Ried on now talking about the unemployed

MBArry47 04/23/2010 4:26am
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Good for you Rosaly! I got this same e-mail from from someone I thought better of my husband & I talked about it & we both said we noticed the same people who send the Christian stuff seem to be the ones who send the hate stuff. They need to make up their minds what they want to preach! Love or Hate you can’t be on both sides of the fence. There I said it & I feel better already.

MBArry47 03/31/2010 3:46am

Well it is a done deal for me just filed for my last payment from NJ. Benefits Exhausted. Me too.

MBArry47 03/22/2010 8:11am

I just called Harry Ried staff member says no new info will pass along concerns. Please keep calling & faxing.

MBArry47 03/18/2010 6:33am

Well I for one want to say Thanks Again for sharing your response.

MBArry47 03/18/2010 5:02am

Well good for you! It gives a little hope. Thanks for the update!

MBArry47 03/17/2010 6:04am

Well as of today down to 2 more weeks for me.

MBArry47 03/15/2010 10:06am

How do you get to the tier 5 info on FB Thanks

MBArry47 03/15/2010 9:47am

I called Ried’s office was told no new info on tier 5.

MBArry47 03/13/2010 3:22pm

I’m in the same boat & time frame collecting from N.J. Don’t know the answer but I fear it is not a good one. Best to you & yours.

MBArry47 03/12/2010 2:55am

Came across a brand new site http:/ Seems as though it is dedicated to those of us at the end of tier 4.

MBArry47 03/11/2010 7:16am

Thanks for the info! Funny I was going to ask if anyone had another site for info.

MBArry47 03/11/2010 5:57am

What do you log onto @ WW. Thanks

MBArry47 03/11/2010 3:33am

I called Reid’s office this AM spoke to Natasha. I asked her what will be done for those of us coming to the end of tier 4. She said that Sen Ried & the Pres. are fully aware that more help is needed. When I asked what that would be she stated that was all the info she had to give. Keep calling! Sen Ried 866 338 1015

MBArry47 03/10/2010 3:07am

Anyone from NJ on tier 4 have any new info. Thanks

MBArry47 03/09/2010 4:36am

I called Sen Ried this AM, spoke to Sara she stated that they are working on something (no specifics), that would not cause a break in payments. i think it is time to call e-mail & fax early & often again! My ?s were in regard to tier 4.

MBArry47 03/08/2010 3:26am

Thanks! Will do.

MBArry47 03/08/2010 2:17am

Where can I get info on this new bill? Thanks

MBArry47 03/02/2010 8:20am

Happy Birthday!

MBArry47 03/01/2010 1:02pm

ABCNEWS.COM Watch the Bunning clip! He also was said to have given the finger to reporters off camera NY Daily News. What a crazy man!

MBArry47 02/28/2010 1:09pm

Just trying to pass on info. Take it easy.

MBArry47 02/28/2010 8:44am

To bad he didn’t fall asleep the other night like he did back in Sept. during Health Care Debate! Time to hang it up old man.

MBArry47 02/28/2010 8:39am

Sorry don’t know much about computers I just went on The Hill site and it was there.

MBArry47 02/28/2010 7:57am

Just read on The Hill website Kyle Senate will pass temporary extension 2/28/10 11:32

MBArry47 02/28/2010 7:53am

Just read on The Hill website 2/28/10 11:32 Kyle Senate will pass temporary extension!

MBArry47 02/28/2010 6:55am

I intend to be calling & emailing away on Monday!

MBArry47 02/28/2010 6:53am

The same thought has crossed my mind! We shall see!

MBArry47 02/28/2010 5:47am

Just emailed Bunning to say how sad to have your legacy be your feeling towards the plight of the unemployed you may as well have said let them eat cake.

MBArry47 02/28/2010 5:38am

Just emailed Bunning and stated how sad to know your legacy will be your feelings on the plight of the unemployed also told him he may have said let them eat cake.

MBArry47 02/28/2010 5:23am

You can call Bunning @ 202 224 4343

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S.2544 Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008 (110th congress) Introduced Jan 22, 2008
H.R.5749 Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 (110th congress) House Defeats Jun 13, 2008
H.R.6844 Suspension of Federal Income Tax on Unemployment Benefits Act of 2008 (110th congress) Introduced Sep 09, 2008
H.R.656 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow certain individuals who have attained age 50 and who are unemployed to receive distributions from qualified retirement plans without incurring a 10 percent additional tax. (111th congress) Introduced Jan 22, 2009
H.R.3404 Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009 (111th congress) Introduced Jul 31, 2009
S.1647 Assistance for Unemployed Workers Extension Act (111th congress) Introduced Aug 07, 2009
H.R.3548 Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009 (111th congress) Bill Is Law Nov 06, 2009
S.1699 Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009 (111th congress) Introduced Sep 23, 2009
S.2831 Helping Unemployed Workers Act (111th congress) Introduced Dec 03, 2009
H.R.4691 Temporary Extension Act of 2010 (111th congress) Bill Is Law Mar 02, 2010

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