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NicholeM 06/29/2010 5:22am

At least in Indiana (and since EUC is a federal program, I think it’s the same in every state), claimants were allowed to exhaust the tier they were on, but did not move to any further tiers; if you were already on Tier 1 on the May 30th deadline and you payed out through yesterday, that was when that tier exhausted. If the extensions had passed, you may have moved on, but since they did not, your benefits ended there. You should call your local unemployment office for more information specific to your claim, but that’s the basic general answer.

NicholeM 06/22/2010 3:45am

You should know that it is illegal for employers to even ASK if you have children, and you have legal recourse if an employer tells you you were passed over for a job because you have children. I know those things are hard to prove and a struggling mom can’t really afford a lawyer, but it’s worth thinking about. I’d suggest you avoid bringing up anything about your family status in interviews and if asked, ask how that’s relevant to the position. Then ask them to put it in writing if those comments come up again. I’d even be sneaky and go to the employers who told you that and ask for a recommendation saying that was the only reason they didn’t hire you. THEN you really have a case, and an employment lawyer can help you, possibly pro bono or only if you win your case.

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H.R.1933 A Child Is Missing Alert and Recovery Center Act (111th congress) House Passed Jul 13, 2010
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