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Setzer529 01/23/2008 7:07pm

The internet is one of the most unique and powerful innovations of our lifetimes. With it we, as citizens, have more power than ever to effect change and exercise our freedom of speech in an unlimited and fully accessible public forum. At the very core of its importance as a medium for serious communication is the notion that the internet, unlike any mass media that has come before it, is equally available to all people on an equal basis. Like the printing press before it, the internet represents a revolution in the communication of thoughts and ideas and should be protected by the laws of our nation as such.

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S.215 Internet Freedom Preservation Act (110th congress) Introduced Jan 09, 2007
S.3522 HELP Separated Children Act (111th congress) Introduced Jun 22, 2010

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H.R.1966 Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act (111th congress) Introduced Sep 30, 2009