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WashingtonGirl 06/18/2008 1:33pm


Washington — Democratic and GOP leaders in the House announced agreement Wednesday on a long-overdue war funding bill. They say President Bush will sign it.

If this is true, I will get down on my knees and kiss the ground here in Washington. Keep faxing and emailing folks. Just maybe the Republican hold-outs are realizing the poor shape our country is in. More infrastructure disasters w the Mississippi levies breaking only means more job loss, higher food prices and bankrupt farmers. God bless ’em.

WashingtonGirl 06/18/2008 1:05pm

Hi All,

I cannot believe the group of Republican Senators that blocked HR5749. How damn out of touch are they? Such elitism. Get a clue Senators—we all want to work. We believe in the American dream—or at least we did. Why would we want to drain our resources and end up homeless? Do you really think UI benefits even cover 1/2 of normal living costs for one month? Most of us have had long, solid careers and this is our first time on unemployment. We are not looking for a hand-out. It is in large part due to this administrations policies that we are still out of work. Job shrinkage and wage stagnation are part of the price we paid.

To Missy in Indiana—very good letter. I hope you faxed it to the White House.


WashingtonGirl 06/13/2008 1:29pm

I think the man to reach at the White House is Edward P. Lazear, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. He is the man who really tells Bush what to do concerning the economy. I cannot find a way to email him. He is on-leave from Stanford & I got an automated response there. It is a long shot, but I’d like to let him know how real Americans feel.

Any one of you super researchers out there have any ideas?


WashingtonGirl 06/13/2008 12:39pm

I also say slam the White House w calls and faxes. Staying civil will help. It may be a long shot, but perhaps appealing to Bush’s ideas of a legacy may help. O.K., maybe there IS waaay too much rain in Washington State & my brain is soggy.

Does he really have that much distain for the middle class??

I am so worried ’cause I am using up years and years of savings. Will we be old folks w no nest egg? What the hell are they thinking?


WashingtonGirl 06/13/2008 12:26pm

O.K.—now all these posts have me very confused. So, somebody please clarify…Did the version yesterday include all states w no ammendments abt the 20 wk garbage & the stats qualifications??

June 13, 2008
Unemployment Aid Extension Easily Passes House

WASHINGTON — The House took another step on Thursday in a running political fight over unemployment insurance by ignoring a veto threat from President Bush and easily approving an extension of benefits for idle workers whose aid is running out.

Less than a day after coming up just short in a vote on the same measure, the House approved granting an extra 13 weeks of unemployment benefits nationwide beyond the standard 26 weeks; the vote was 274 to 137, the minimum margin needed to override a veto.

Republicans said the result was misleading because a number of lawmakers were absent. They expressed confidence they could sustain a rejection of the bill by Mr. Bush if it were to get to the White House.

This is the first I have heard abt Tim Russert. I am in shock—he was a great man. Waaay to young.


WashingtonGirl 06/13/2008 9:13am

Boy, so those of us w UI under 5% get thrown under the bus?! We all know the numbers lie. I hope those of us in “low” (LOL) states will continue to scream. I hope the rest of you will speak for us as well. Seasonal hires have brought the numbers down in many states—especially those of us w an extensive parks system. When the bill hits Bush’s desk, will they look at the rate that week? Anyone know? The numbers will continue to climb. Gas here in Washington has just hit $4.55 per gallon. I need a job. I was truly disgusted by Weller. As a former Illinois native, I know that his district is working class (Joliet area). What an arrogant man.

I hope the extension passes w the War bill. We ALL need some help. Bush is a real creep.

Best wishes. May we all survive this.


WashingtonGirl 06/12/2008 1:10pm

Representative Boehner,

Please reconsider and support HR5749. The American people are hurting badly. The current administration has done nothing to stimulate job growth. Wages and benefits have shrunk. Through no fault of our own, many of us have found ourselves out of work. It is a difficult economy. We are not slackers. We want to work. I have never been unemployed in my long career. This has nothing to do w changing the energy policy. All that takes time! The unemployment numbers are much higher when you count the folks who have been forced to work part-time, and those who no longer receive benefits. You are ruining McCain’s chances this fall!! We will remember this!

Posted back in February:

Keith Hall, the commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Hall conceded in his testimony Friday that the labor market was weaker than suggested by the decline in the unemployment rate. He pointing to an increase of 637,000 workers over the past 12 months who have part-time jobs but would prefer to be working full time.

He said the bureau’s broadest measure of the unemployment rate, one which counts as unemployed both those part-time workers who want full-time jobs as well as those not searching for a job at the moment but who are interested in finding work, now stands at 8.9%, up from 8.1% a year ago.

WashingtonGirl 06/12/2008 1:00pm

Mr. Weller,

We are not lazy or looking for welfare. The vast unemployment in this country well exceeds the 5.5% number quoted. The longterm unemployed and the hundreds of thousands who have had to accept part-time employment need to count. Job shrinkage, plant closures, downsizing—all no fault of us hard-working Americans who believed the the middle class dream. This is a very tough economy. We want to work. Why do you have such distain for the average guy? Do not turn your back on Americans. We have not had job growth from this President. You are hurting us, your party and McCain’s chances this fall. We will remember.

Born and Raised in the Land of Lincoln

WashingtonGirl 06/12/2008 12:33pm

Republicans who block this will suffer big time! Vote ’em out. They are hurting the middle class & returning vets. I am glad that Pelosi mentioned the difficulty our soldiers have in finding work when they return stateside. So much for supporting the troops, Bush!

WashingtonGirl 06/12/2008 12:20pm

Think it would make a difference if Bush were to realize how much a veto will hurt his party in November? I loved hearing from Jim McDermott today. What disconnect from Weller and his small band of cronies. Duh, it takes time to create jobs & the energy crisis is a totally different issue! Of course, I am preaching to the choir. I think we should all call and fax Senators who may vote no. Also, send a message to the White House.

WashingtonGirl 06/11/2008 1:48pm

Bush passed an extension on benefits back in 2003 when the UI numbers were lower. I say send emails and faxes to the White House and to those Republicans who voted no today. Unthinking and uncompassionate to say the least. Aren’t we tired of the lies abt the low UI numbers. They need to step up for once. Middle class folks are suffering. We are not lazy, we all prefer to work. Even McCain is supporting the extension. We will remember who they are! Bush—you have no legacy but pain inflicted upon the American people.

WashingtonGirl 06/05/2008 10:25am

It’s hard to believe that this might not pass!! This country is in the worst condition it has seen since the Great Depression. I suggest that everyone pick several Blue Dogs to fax or call in Washington D.C. Here is a list of their names. Just google a few to get their contact info in D.C. None are in my state, but I am hitting others—I chose California.

Best wishes,

Washington Girl


WashingtonGirl 05/29/2008 1:20pm

We always get some low life who has nothing better to do than dis hardworking but unemployed folks. Let’s stay on task folks & ignore the adolescent ramblings. Historically, when people rise up to speak, there are always rabid “strike busters” out there. Submissive minds are the most tragic. Here is hoping we can get the help we need. I sure hope gas prices start to drop. The highest gas price here in Washington is $4.25

WashingtonGirl 05/29/2008 11:58am

I faxed Congressmen out of my district. Did that w the Blue Dog Chairmen. I felt it would be noticed more. Thanks to all of you who keep posting such pertinent info. Republican Congressmen seem to have realized how ignorant and complacent Bush is towards the American people. This recession has real dangers of going into a full depression. Nobody in office really wants to see the destruction of the middle class. It would also affect the rich. Fewer substantial jobs, fewer tax dollars, crumbling infrastructure. Let’s hope they do the right thing next week. Send Bush back to Crawford.

WashingtonGirl 05/23/2008 1:03pm

Keep flooding your Congressmen with email, faxes and calls. Also, call & fax the White House. I don’t think Bush wants to leave office w no friends anywhere. O.K., we won’t go there. I think it is important to get our Congressmen to stop using the skewed fake UI number.

Good article…
“The numbers behind the lies”
Economist John Williams says real unemployment and inflation numbers — figured the old-fashioned way — may be two or three times what the government admits.

Jobs data don’t count the down-and-out
Williams starts by discussing the headline economic data: “Real unemployment right now — figured the way that the average person thinks of unemployment, meaning figured the way it was estimated back during the Great Depression — is running about 12%. Real CPI right now is running at about 8%. And the real GDP probably is in contraction.” (By “real,” he means calculating the data the way they used to be calculated, not as inflation-adjusted.)

He then explains how the employment data are compiled, noting that 5 million chronically unemployed people are not included in the statistics. In fact, there are seven or eight different employment statistics. One called U-3 is the official one. The broadest one, U-6, currently shows unemployment as running around 8.4%. As he explains, the one that’s the most historically consistent is running around 12%.


WashingtonGirl 05/22/2008 1:33pm

Doesn’t the high number of votes for expanded Iraq War Bill mean that Congress can override a veto from Bush??

Why would he destroy his own party’s chances in November?

WashingtonGirl 05/22/2008 12:48pm

Hi All,

This step is great news. As someone else mentioned, we all need to fax and email Congressmen who voted against HR5749 and also contact the White House. Bush cannot seriously want to trash the future of his party. We all know he does not give a rip abt us average, hard working Americans. As we here can all testify, this is one of the worst times in our economic history to be without a job. Come on Bush—step up!

White House phone: 202-456-1414
fax: 202-456-2461
email: comments@whitehouse.gov

Another article on the economy:


WashingtonGirl 05/21/2008 11:36am

Keep your fingers crossed. And on another note…God bless Senator Kennedy. I have always admired him. He proves that compassion is the best virtue of all.

WashingtonGirl 05/21/2008 10:18am

I sure hope this passes. It would give us all a few extra months to find work and get back on our feet. I think the Republicans and even Bush are softening. They see the dire conditions of our economy. There will be a long road back. Their policies have made them very unpopular now & I think they really fear the November election. It is time for them to step up.

WashingtonGirl 05/14/2008 1:07pm

Well maybe the Republicans are getting a reality check! If they continue to vote against supporting the American public, they will continue to lose seats in Congress. The dishonest dinking around w the UI numbers, and how the unemployed are a symptom of a very, very sick government needs to be addressed.

Upset Republicans
By Charlie Cook National Journal May 13, 2008
Recent special elections for House seats in Illinois and Louisiana that were once reliably Republican sent the GOP an unmistakable signal that the party’s 25-year-old playbook is obsolete: Simply spouting an undiluted conservative message doesn’t consistently work anymore, even in some of the nation’s reddest districts. And a potential loss in a special election in Mississippi later this month could underscore that message.
The upset in Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District, where President Bush won 59 percent of the vote in 2004, should jolt the GOP. Similarly, losing the Illinois seat vacated by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, a Republican, whose 14th District went to Bush by 55 percent, should be a wake-up call.

WashingtonGirl 05/12/2008 2:47pm

Anyone have a glimmer of hope for this bill? Don’t all the recommendations by folks such as the Governor of California carry any weight?

Seriously, what will the rest of you do if we do not get this help? I can’t imagine how I will survive. Work for $10 per hour and never meet my bills?

WashingtonGirl 05/12/2008 12:57pm
Link Reply
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I hope those of you with Blue Dog Democrats in your state will contact them. I did fax the 3 Blue Dog chairmen. The lack of full support on this bill is just mind bending. Ah, yes the Bush Administration who cannot seem to tell a straight story and step up to do the right thing for us hard working Americans. What a country. Now, to read abt the birth/death formula manipulation…reminds me of the whole wmd (weapons of mass destruction) lie.

WashingtonGirl 05/08/2008 9:42am

The only reason the unemployment rate seems low is due to all the seasonal part-time and temporary hiring by government agencies like the Parks Department. Remember what the Republicans have done to the middle class and the shaft they are giving us on help so that we can pay a few more bills and have a bit more time to return to work. Bush’s policies have gotten us here.

Good luck to all of you.

WashingtonGirl 05/02/2008 5:34pm

Hi Everyone,

Sure wish those of you who post as “Anonymous” would sign in w a name. All of the latest comments have been so right on. It gives me a real sense of connection to everyone going thru this together. How in hell did it get so bad in our country??

Just to let y’all know if you did not watch Lou Dobbs tonight. They did a profile of a middle aged couple going thru dire conditions due to his job loss(over 6 mos). The commentary brought up the real job numbers—how many have to resort to part-time, the crumbling of the middle class. The profiled couple will now have to sell their house and live in their trailer. So much for the American dream. I am glad that Lou Dobbs team has given all this more of a voice. You can check it out tomorrow. They post May 2nd on the 3rd.


My best to all of you.

Washington Girl

WashingtonGirl 05/01/2008 11:10am

Hi Everyone,

A big group hug to you all. It is such a tough time for all of us. I am finally giving in to going to my doc for some antidepressants next week.

Here is the skinny…When you look on the home page here, you will see “Finding A Sweet Spot in the Supplemental”. (Someone else mentioned it yesterday.) We need to contact all the Senators in the Blue Dog Coalition who will no doubt be the deciding vote on the add-ons for the Iraq War Bill (the UI Extension). Please contact those in your state, or fax any and all of them from any state. They need to hear from us solid, normally hard-working Americans.

“The Blue Dogs become really critical in that debate just to get the bill out of the House for the first time.”


Mike Arcuri (New York)
Joe Baca (California)
John Barrow (Georgia)
Melissa Bean (Illinois)
Marion Berry (Arkansas)
Sanford Bishop (Georgia)
Dan Boren (Oklahoma)
Leonard Boswell (Iowa)
Allen Boyd (Florida), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Administration
Dennis Cardoza (California)
Christopher Carney (Pennsylvania)
Ben Chandler (Kentucky)
Jim Cooper (Tennessee)
Jim Costa (California)
Bud Cramer (Alabama)
Lincoln Davis (Tennessee)
Joe Donnelly (Indiana)
Brad Ellsworth (Indiana)
Bill Foster (Illinois)
Gabrielle Giffords (Arizona)
Kirsten Gillibrand (New York)
Bart Gordon (Tennessee)
Jane Harman (California)
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (South Dakota), Blue Dog Whip
Baron Hill (Indiana)
Tim Holden (Pennsylvania)
Steve Israel (New York)
Nick Lampson (Texas)
Tim Mahoney (Florida)
Jim Marshall (Georgia)
Jim Matheson (Utah)
Mike McIntyre (North Carolina)
Charlie Melancon (Louisiana)
Mike Michaud (Maine)
Dennis Moore (Kansas), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Policy
Patrick Murphy (Pennsylvania)
Collin Peterson (Minnesota)
Earl Pomeroy (North Dakota)
Mike Ross (Arkansas), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications
John Salazar (Colorado)
Loretta Sanchez (California)
Adam Schiff (California)
David Scott (Georgia)
Heath Shuler (North Carolina)
Zack Space (Ohio)
John Tanner (Tennessee)
Gene Taylor (Mississippi)
Mike Thompson (California)
Charlie Wilson (Ohio)

Washington Girl

WashingtonGirl 04/29/2008 10:42am

Sad but true. Pelosi hit it on the head: He is immune to the pain of the American people." It’s a patriarchy family. Remember his mom’s comment about victims of Katrina when she visited the Houston Astrodome? Very sad indeed.

Mrs. Bush, after touring the Astrodome complex in Houston on Monday, said: ‘’What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them." She commented during a radio interview with the American Public Media program ’’Marketplace." (AP)

Washington Girl

WashingtonGirl 04/29/2008 9:19am

It amazes me that anyone can defend Bush at this point. Congress has been trying since Stimulus Bill #1 to pass a UI Extension. All these delays w HR5749 is because they have to come up w some hardball tactics to pass something desparately needed by solid people in dire straights. Bush has not shown any support for the middle class or war veterans. Did you also notice the huge cuts to vets programs in his 2009 budget?

Yes, there is bipartisan support. This bill is only a first step on a very long road to repairing America. Next—job growth & stop rewarding corporate America for outsourcing. Y’all should have heard Lou Dobbs (CNN) last night going after Bill Gates on his advocacy of foreigh-worker visas (H1B-3 visas)

WashingtonGirl 04/28/2008 11:24am

Scary, I always thought Chicago was pretty recession proof. I am fron the ’burbs & then moved west.

Just looked at a past UI Extension for 2003. They did give retroactive benefits. Now, if this bill has a retroactive clause, those of us now off UI will get money for the past couple of months. I have not seen the clause in this bill. Anyone??

WashingtonGirl 04/28/2008 10:47am

Oops, sorry I posted this twice.

WashingtonGirl 04/28/2008 10:45am

Hi Gang,

This sure is the worst economy I have ever seen. Slammed from all sides. San Francisco hit $4 per gallon for gas today. I am sure Washington State is not far behind. The highest I have seen (north of Seattle) is $3.86.

If this passes…does anyone know if those of us now off of UI will get money for April/May? Or does our extension begin when Congress passes the bill?

It sure is hard to get up everyday & keep plugging. Have any of you applied for food stamps?

The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, weighed in today:

Buffett says recession may be worse than feared


Washington Girl

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