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daringone 09/24/2009 3:15am

Maybe we need to better teach our children then. Or at least my school does. Granted, it’s been 13 years since high school, so I may have forgot some things, but last I knew, the normal way to pass a bill was for it to come to a vote and be agreed upon by a majority of Congressmen in both houses. Sounds like a good enough procedure to me. Maybe I’m a bit naive, but I’m not sure why there’s any way to circumvent this at all.

daringone 09/11/2009 6:29am

Hooray, yet another government entity being created at a time when the government needs to stop spending our money. Rule #1 of government: It expands to take all available space. When will we stop making space available?

daringone 07/29/2009 10:47am
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Because to get the same coverage I ALREADY have, this will invariably cost MORE. If I have to get the QHBP, and then on top of that have to buy a different plan, tell me how that will possibly cost less?

daringone 07/22/2009 2:55am

GIANT LOLZ there. If I wish to contribute to charity, I will do so on my own will. Nobody should be federally mandated to contribute to (in this case “the prevention of global warming/climate change/whatever they’re calling it now”) your charity or anyone elses.

You mention “continually rising gas and oil prices” being a source of pain? Just THINK of what will happen when companies have to begin paying this tax. It won’t be just “gas and oil” that will be rising any longer. Need to ship something? Oh noes! The shipping companies are evil because they have an enormous carbon footprint! Your $5.00 shipment just became $15.00. I’m almost certain I won’t have a job any longer as the company I work for is almost certain to either shut down or pack up and move overseas due to the tax they’ll end up having to pay.

This is a solution looking for a problem. I assume the problem will be “Government wants more of our money, how do they get it?”

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daringone 07/21/2009 4:55am
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Last I checked, the majority of insurance already requires shared responsibility between workers and employers. How does installing government in this equation help anything?

daringone 07/15/2009 3:07am

Another thought too while we’re at it… if you’re not on the “public option”, that doesn’t mean you still don’t have to pay for it. So if I don’t want the public option, now not only do I still have to pay for my own insurance (assuming it still exists) but for this public plan that I’m not even using as well. It’s a giant steaming pile that anyone has to pay for anything that they will not and may never use. The free market means choice, and this removes my choice.

Vote no on this bill!

daringone 07/15/2009 3:00am

…which will get cheaper thanks to competition…

Or go away completely because it can’t compete, which some would say is the whole goal of this bill anyway.

daringone 07/15/2009 2:57am

All this “rushing” with this administration… how about taking some time to consider what is being done with something so big as:

1 – An $800 billion stimulus bill

2 – Cap and Trade

3 – Government run health care

In all seriousness, because the government is sooooo efficient at running other public welfare programs (see Social Security and Medicare) why would we ever want them stepping in to run health care for everyone. As I’ve posted elsewhere here, this can only end in a poor outcome. Either it’s terrible and nobody uses it, thus pissing away the $1.2 TRILLION of OUR MONEY that the president wants to start it, or it is a success in undercutting private healthcare putting thousands more (upon the millions already) out of a job.

Vote no on this bill, or any bill proposing government health care!

daringone 07/14/2009 2:22am

The part that you are missing here is that if it does suck and fail, you just pissed away another 1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money, and that’s just the “getting started money”. So here are the real two options, it sucks and we piss away a bunch more taxpayer money or it is successful and begins killing off public health care, costing yet even more people’s jobs.

To me, both results sound like failure.

daringone 07/06/2009 8:30am

This is a bill that should pass with no problem. I can’t see any parent out there wanting anyone to have the ability to have medical work done on their child without their consent. For once, the government is trying to put the power in the hands of the parents instead of being the parents themselves. Support this bill!

daringone 07/06/2009 8:28am
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Exactly… but only if the parents are notified and consenting, where currently this is legal whether the parents know or not.

daringone 05/11/2009 8:55am

This will get “separation of church and stated” so fast that it stands no chance.

daringone 05/11/2009 8:39am

According to another poster in favor of the bill earlier, if you weren’t breaking the law you have nothing to worry about!

daringone 05/11/2009 8:38am

Then prosecute said crimes using the laws we already have, which apply to EVERYONE. There is no need for more legislation, and more spending of taxpayer money when we already have “protection” for everyone.

daringone 05/11/2009 8:29am

Agreed. It is already illegal to beat up/kill/rape someone, this bill tries to (incorrectly) say that we can know what someone was thinking when they committed a crime. A crime is a crime, regardless of motivation. Use the laws we already have.

daringone 05/08/2009 3:10am

This bill would be entirely unnecessary if we would just let businesses fail when they make terrible business decisions. I like the clause where (paraphrasing here) it states that a bank can’t make a loan to someone that can’t afford it. Well DUH! But since we’re in the 2nd age of bailouts (Don’t forget the S&L’s! How soon history repeats itself!) we have to make these laws to prevent the government from pissing away more of our money to save these institutions. And of course as the above poster said, we have the government yet again setting limits on people’s ability to succeed. Not that anyone in Washington is listening, but vote no on this bill in the Senate!

daringone 04/28/2009 2:36am

The banks don’t deserve the bailouts anymore than the people do! The problem is that we have a bunch of morons in DC that keep spending our money when we don’t want them to. I was against all the bailouts too, I’m against DC running Detroit, and I’m against any more spending when we don’t have the income to do it!

daringone 04/27/2009 2:45am

Agreed. Sadly, this will probably die an unheralded death. The sponsor, as well as his 51 co-sponsors are all Republican. Though I’ve touted this idea for some time, I doubt that there would be enough bipartisan support to get this passed despite the common sense of the bill.

daringone 04/23/2009 6:08am

I’m torn on this one. On one hand, I’m thinking you should have to be responsible for knowing that you’re signing up for a card with terrible terms. On the other hand, cards like specific store cards (Best Buy, Macy’s and the like) that by default carry ridiculous rates of over 20% regardless of how good your credit may be is outright usury. I think any law that forces more notification to the consumer of anything the card company is doing that essentially affects the payment is probably a good one.

daringone 04/17/2009 6:03am

Ugh… am I the only person here that understands how boneheaded it is to even have as the bill puts it “critical infrastructure information systems” on the Internet anyhow? Rule #1 of IT security… if you don’t want it hacked, don’t connect it to the internet! At a previous employer, we had a separate internal network for critical systems to ensure security.

daringone 04/17/2009 5:41am
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Here is the bottom line. I’ve already replied to a few people with this line, so here’s the general one. If you took an ARM, I’m sorry for your poor choice, but that isn’t mine or anyone else’s fault or burden to bear. If you’re in an ARM, it’s for one of two reasons: You either couldn’t afford a conventional mortgage (which should have been a warning flag to you) or you’re an investor that couldn’t unload your suddenly devalued property. I have little sympathy for either. Anyone with any common sense knows ARMs are incredibly huge risks for borrowers, and rarely ever drop in rate. Yet people still take them anyway. I and I’m sure many others would rather not reward stupidity.

daringone 04/17/2009 5:34am
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I’m sorry for your poor decision to accept an ARM. But that is not mine or anybody else’s fault or burden to bear.

daringone 04/17/2009 5:33am
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BREAKING NEWS – Democrats have just passed the largest budget deficit in HISTORY. And no, I don’t want to hear the Democratic talking point “Well, Obama inherited a 1.3 trillion deficit” because it’s a load of crap. Just because you inherit it doesn’t mean you need to go and QUADRUPLE it! (http://blog.heritage.org/2009/03/24/bush-deficit-vs-obama-deficit-in-pictures/) Seriously, it what warped world when you’re in debt over your eyeballs do you go and continue to spend more money that you don’t have? If you or I do that, it means we’re headed for bankruptcy, and pretty soon, so will our country if this doesn’t stop!

daringone 04/17/2009 5:15am
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I’m sorry for your poor decision to take an ARM. But that’s not mine or anyone else’s problem.

daringone 04/17/2009 5:13am
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The interest rate? Sure, go ahead and adjust for current times. I can buy into that. But the principal, that’s BS. If you borrow $100,000 you are obligated to pay back $100,000 whether the thing you borrowed it for is worth that now or not. No ifs, no ands, and no buts about it. If you want to bitch and moan about your $250,000 condo being only worth $150,000 now, and you should only have to pay that much back, then joe schmoe that bought his brand new car for $17,000 two years ago should only have to pay back the $9,000 it’s worth now. It’s the same faulty logic!

daringone 04/17/2009 5:07am
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The problem with this is that then there is exactly ZERO incentive to start a business. As it stands, a potential small business owner can scrimp and save up enough coin to start his business, and at worst if his business fails, he or she is out that money alone. While that sucks, it’s far worse to be paying back that debt the rest of your life. To do away with bankruptcy for businesses would be to do away with small business in general, and LOTS of jobs.

daringone 04/17/2009 5:04am
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Exactly, which is why we should be discouraging all of this spending. Spend, spend, and spend some more the government says. Who cares, it’s not their money! It’s ours, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren, and our great great grand childrens! It sucks for the 3rd generagion of newmeximan’s that they will be born in debt to the government for over $30k through no fault of their own. STOP WASTEFUL SPENDING! GET OFF THE GOVERNMENT TEAT!

daringone 04/17/2009 2:49am
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Or, the rate discourages purchase until the consumer has their credit under control and can afford what they want to purchase. Or, they purchase something smaller that they can afford until they have enough equity to afford something bigger. But of course, it’s not popular to say that in today’s thinking. In today’s thinking, everyone is entitled to everything whether they’ve earned it or not.

daringone 04/15/2009 5:59am

Training politicians? Since when should being a politician be an actual career? Can we get some term limits in here people?!?

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