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jjenks88 02/15/2010 9:33am

Maybe that is what it is intended for but what I don’t think that you understand on the farmer/rancher’s part is that the change in this bills wording,(changing the word navigable to US Waters), would allow the EPA to have control of basically all waters in the US, including farm ponds or cattle watering ponds. And what worries us about that is the fact that the EPA is basically unregulated, I am meaning that there is no one that really controls them. This means that the EPA could require every pond, slough, stream, creek, basically every body of water to have buffer strips, setbacks of so many feet, etc. They could do almost anything that they want, and quite frankly I do not think that many at the EPA have any idea what some of these things could mean for farms and ranches.

Agronomist/Farm Supplier

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S.787 Clean Water Restoration Act (111th congress) Introduced Dec 10, 2010
H.R.3962 Affordable Health Care for America Act (111th congress) Bill Is Law Jun 25, 2010
S.1733 Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (111th congress) Introduced Feb 02, 2010
H.R.2454 American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009 (111th congress) House Passed Jul 07, 2009