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sod1 07/22/2008 3:10am

The top three are proof enough that this doctor has a different agenda. The ALS Registry Act is already being tested in 3 cities with approved funds. Why do we waist time with senate committees review if bills can be blocked? His war on the CDC has to stop, people are dying while he plays watchdog.

sod1 03/06/2008 3:12am

Re; 1382
Would it be possible to update this bill with something other than the date it was introduced for a second time, May 2007. This bill is four years of lost energy and currently on a Senate Hold.

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S.1382 ALS Registry Act (110th congress) Bill Is Law Oct 08, 2008
H.R.2231 Medicare Access to Complex Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Act of 2007 (110th congress) Introduced May 15, 2007
H.R.5454 To amend title 38, United States Code, to establish a presumption of service connection of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for purposes of the laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. (110th congress) Introduced Jun 12, 2008
S.3297 Advancing America's Priorities Act (110th congress) Introduced Dec 10, 2008

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