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 Alexi Giannoulias, a Democrat, has been the Treasurer of the State of Illinois since 2007.


Possible Senate Challenge

On March 2, 2009, Giannoulias stated on CNBC that he was forming an exploratory committee in order to assess a potential candidacy for the US Senate in 2010. Giannoulias proceeded to raise over $1.1 Million in the first quarter.

Record as Treasurer


As his first official act as Treasurer, Giannoulias signed his own executive order to enact the most comprehensive, widest-ranging ethics package of any elected official in the state. The order prohibits him from accepting contributions from banks, Treasurer’s Office employees and contractors who do business with the office. He also moved to foreclose on two debt-ridden hotels built in the 1980s by politically connected insiders in Springfield and Collinsville. [1]


In the summer of 2008, Giannoulias launched the "Green Rewards" program, the nation's largest state-funded rebate for hybrid vehicles which gives $1,000 cash back to Illinois residents who purchase a new hybrid or other fuel-efficient vehicle.[2]

2008 Floods

Through its linked deposit authority, the Treasurer's office initiated $700,000 in low-interest disaster relief loans to individuals and businesses affected by floods across the state in 2008. In an effort to thaw the credit freeze and boost investment returns to the state. [3]

Economic Crisis

Treasurer Giannoulias made up to $1 billion in interest-earning deposits available to Illinois banks and credit unions.[4] In January 2009, the state of Illinois purchased $10 million worth of Israel Bonds. Giannoulias stated that the bonds where "a good way to safely diversity our portfolio, especially during a time when some of our other investment options aren't generating as much revenue because of the market fluctuations here in the United States." Giannoulias stated that the Israel Bonds will mature in three years with a 2.43 percent rate of return, compared to U.S. government bonds which yield a 1.51 percent return for the same period.[5]

Giannoulias started a pilot program in 2007 to sell the abandoned contents of safe deposit boxes on eBay, scrapping the state's annual live auctions.The weekly online auctions have driven up sale prices and attracted a worldwide audience. [6]

Candidate Positions


"Giannoulias Picks Up Two Major Environmental Endorsements (UPDATED)" Progress Illinois. June 8, 2010

This article details Giannoulias's proposed energy plan. It details specific policy ideas that Giannoulias proposes versus his opponent’s unstructured goals. The SIerra Club has backed Giannoulias becuase of his support of new environmental programs and a move away from dependence on big oil which will spur the creation of more jobs.

"Alexi Giannoulias gets Sierra Club endorsement" December 11, 2009

The Sierra Club endorsed Giannoulias. Jack Darin, the Sierra Club director stated, "As State Treasurer, Giannoulias initiated new environmental programs in the office, including a very popular $1,000 rebate program for purchases of hybrid cars, and new support programs for renewable energy and energy conservation investments."


"As Oil Spill Spreads, Giannoulias Offers His "New Energy Agenda" Progress Illinois. June 15, 2010

This article details Giannoulias's proposed energy plan. It details specific policy ideas that Giannoulias proposes versus his opponent’s unstructured goals. He supports reform of the Mineral Management Services agency which failed to regulate the Deepwater Horizon rig. He has called to withold all drilling permits for another six months and favors increasing the liability cap which protects big oil from paying for long term damages.

"Giannoulias Has a Better Post-Spill Energy Plan Than Obama" NBC Chicago. June 16, 2010

This article discusses a policy paper released by Giannoulias discussing clean energy. Giannoulias supports the use of wind and biomass energies to stop the United States' dependence on foreign oil.  Additionally, he proposes a 4% tax on foreign oil and a goal reduction of decreasing oil consumption by 7 million barrels a day. The article criticizes Giannoulias's plan due to Giannoulias’s lack of ties to the BP crisis.





"Alexi Giannoulias (D)"  No Date.

Giannoulias supports a public government run alternative for health care, although this option did not make it into the  final health care bill. He also supports reform in the insurance industry and lowering of prescription costs among other structural reforms.

STEM education

Research and development (R&D)

Policy tracking by Arifeen Rahman, SEA National Security Intern


Giannoulias was born in Chicago to a family of Greek Immigrants. He graduated cum laude from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in economics after transferring from the University of Chicago. At BU he played Division I basketball and was named to the America East Conference Academic Honor Roll both years that he played.

After his undergraduate degree, Giannoulias spent a year plyaing professional basketball in Panionios B.C. Greece for a year after which he enrolled at Tulane University’s School of Law in New Orleans. After earning his law degree and passing the Illinois Bar exam, Giannoulias took a position as Vice President and Senior Loan Officer at Broadway Bank, a community bank owned by his family.

Giannoulias served on the board of directors of the Community Banker’s Association of Illinois Legislative Committee, the South Side/Wabash YMCA, and the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce. Giannoulias also founded and chairs the AG Foundation, a not-for-profit charity that donates money to treat child-related illnesses, curb poverty and assist disaster relief organizations.



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