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Barack Obama, U.S. Senator (D-Ill.)
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The following relates to Sen. Barack Obama and the members of his political campaign team and advisers.


African Americans for Obama in Nevada

On October 24, 2007, Obama announced the launch of African Americans for Obama in Nevada, featuring Floyd Mayweather, the International Welterweight Boxing Champion, in a free event in Las Vegas.[1]

Controversy: Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

However, John Aravosis of AMERICAblog wrote the following on October 24, 2007, about Floyd Mayweather, Jr.[2][3]:[4]

"In 2004, Mayweather was convicted on two counts of battery for punching two women at a Las Vegas nightclub the previous year. He was given suspended prison sentences, $1,000 in fines and ordered to complete impulse control counseling.
"Mayweather in 2002 pleaded guilty to two counts of domestic violence in one case and battery in another. In 2005, a jury acquitted him of a third domestic violence charge, a felony, after his accuser changed her story. He reportedly was convicted of battery in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich., and he has also been the subject of civil lawsuits accusing him of battery."[5]

Aravosis added that[4]

"An Obama spokesman called the guy's wife-beating 'mistakes.' (The campaign is now trying to downplay[6] this guy's role, he's 'just a supporter' - well, he was the title and subject of a press release[1] they sent our earlier this week, so he's clearly not just some supporter like your or me.) Mistakes? Yeah, I'd say. And he keeps making em. But Obama's spokesman says the guy has paid for his mistakes, so it's okay for them to use his as one of their mascots. But just to be sure, did Obama's spokesman mean the guy had paid for his 2002 two counts of domestic violence and battery, did she mean his two counts of battery in 2004 when he punched two women, did she mean the reports of his battery conviction back home in Michigan, or the various civil lawsuits? It's so hard to keep track with these Obama celebrities - if they're not beating the crap out of women, they're busy trying to eradicate the world of gay people."

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Campaign team members and consultants

Economic advisers

Foreign policy advisers

"Obama's key advisers who speak for him on foreign policy include Gregory Craig, Anthony Lake, and Samantha Power. Craig is a leading Washington lawyer who was a White House special counsel under Bill Clinton and defended the president in his impeachment trial. Lake was also a Bill Clinton adviser who was involved in the Bosnian conflict. Power is an Irish-born Harvard professor from the Kennedy School who is regarded as an expert on Third World issues. None of the three is considered to be particularly partisan on any foreign policy issues but genocide, which Power has written a book about, but Obama is also accelerating his efforts to woo Jewish donors and to improve his standing with AIPAC, which has been suspicious of him because of youthful indiscretions that included expressions of sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians. He recently appointed Eric Lynn as "liaison to Jewish Community and advisor on Middle East issues".[11]

Accompanying Obama when he "outlin[es] his views on the Iraq war in a major speech [September 12, 2007,] in Iowa" will be Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Democratic President Jimmy Carter's "national security advisor, who says that Obama offers 'a new definition of America's role in the world.'"[12]

In October 2007, the Washington Post published a list of Obama's foreign policy advisers.[13] has a report on Obama's foreign policy advisors [12].

Vice Presidential Search Team


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