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Barack Obama, U.S. Senator (D-Ill.)
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On March 31, 2007, while speaking in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Obama said "it will be difficult to make progress on important domestic issues until the Iraq war has ended. ... None of these things we are going to be able to do effectively until we bring this war in Iraq to a close."[1]

"'As for Barack Obama,' stated Imperato[2] [of i1connect news, April 3, 2007], 'it proves that he doesn't have the ability to multitask. He didn't feel that we could straighten out healthcare, immigration, foreign debt, social security, and our $9 trillion deficit because he felt that Iraq had to be solved first. Just think if Iraq never ends then America will die because he admitted it himself that he can't accomplish anything domestically until Iraq comes to an end. This shows his inability to be a leader of a country on local, national, and global basis.'" The other perspective of this would be America tax money is tied up in the Iraq war besides the "distraction" that to focus on domestic issue would be difficult.


Affirmative action




Global warming

Family farming

Free trade

Health care

Hurricane Katrina


Labor and unions


Renewal of the Patriot Act

Social Security

Tax cuts

American Dream Agenda

Example of why helping the big business doesn't work is a brand name shoe company outsourcing their work overseas to save on labor cost yet the cost of the product continues to cost the same as before the outsourcing. Where do you think the extra profit went to? Perhaps the CEO????? Thanks for not passing it down to American Main Street.

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