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Positions on:

''Environment ''

"IL-10: Seals Demands That Dold Divest From BP (UPDATED)" Progress Illinois. July 8, 2010

This article details a political back and forth between Robert Dold and his opponent Dan Seals. The quarrel concerns Dold’s investment in BP. Dold signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection pledge which protected tax breaks for big oil which BP profited from.

"Pledges to Lead in Congress to Keep the Great Lakes Clean" Chicago GOP. April 22, 2010

This press release describes Dold’s proposal and commitment to cleaning the Great Lakes. He commits to clean up the billions of gallons of pollutants that making the lakes toxic and threatening public health. Dold promotes the use of increased fines for dumping sewage in the lake as a means to fund conservation programs. 



" 10th District Candidate Q&A: Robert Dold " Pioneer Local. January 14, 2010.

In a question and answers session, Dold explains his position on global warming and the government's responsibility toward it. Dold opposes cap and trade  because of its tax on cold states and  elimination of jobs. However, Dodd recognizes the necessity to support alterntive energy sources, including nuclear, natural gas, and alternative uses of oil. 


"10th Congressional Briefs: Dold a 'young gun' " Graylakes Review. July 6, 2010

Dold has reached 'young gun' status in the GOP, a program of the NRCC which helps elect conservative candidates nationwide. Dold recently applauded the passsage of the Iran sanctions package through Congress. He commended the package as the "best opportunity to guarantee a peaceful end to [Iran's] nuclear weapons program." He noted that Iran's growing nuclear capability "underscores the urgency required in confronting this fundamental challenge to the safety and security of America, Israel and our allies."



"Robert Dold condemns Democrats' health care plan", Illinois Review. November 8, 2009.

Dold condmened the house version of the health care bill as another big government takeover that will hurt seniors and the middle class. In response to the health care bill, Dold stated, "“It’s disheartening that, during a time of economic crisis when the focus should be on job creation, the Democrats are halting economic recovery by spending trillions of taxpayer dollars on a big-government bill.” Dold proposed an alternative with more private insurance options and comprehensve reform which would not destroy more jobs.

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