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Bryan Greene is an independent candidate for the 10th Congressional District of North Carolina

Bryan Elliot Greene is an independent candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 10th Congressional District (map) of North Carolina. He is seeking to challenge incumbent Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.).


Positions, record and controversies


Mr. Bryan Elliot Greene was born on January 27, 1961 in Charlotte, NC and has lived in the Caldwell County area for the majority of his life. After graduating from West Caldwell High School he married his high school sweetheart, Kim Susan Shew, in June of 1981. A year later in 1982, Bryan enlisted in the United States Marine Corp., were he had the pleasure of serving his nation for seven and a half years both stateside and overseas. He is also the proud father of four children; Brandon (1983), Jordon (1987), Jared (1994) and Kallie (2001).

Bryan currently works in the Engineering Department at Frye Regional Medical Center, though he can do anything from fixing a car, building a house, electrical and heating and air. Even still, Mr. Greene is a well rounded individual who understands the need for principled, constitutional representation in our government and desires to be that representation. Bryan Greene has, throughout the years, been heavily involved in leadership roles. He serves as a deacon, and choir director while teaching the combined teens and college and career sunday-school class at Temple Baptist Church in Lenoir, NC.

Mr. Greene understands that that the founders of this nation gave us a Republican form of government, rooted in Christian principles, that was to be operated in a very limited manner and held back from exceeding its power by the Constitution of the United States. He also realizes that in our day the freedoms ensured to us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are fast being abridged and even completely removed, and that something must be done to stop this loss of liberty.

Mr. Greene made his official decision to run for the US House of Representatives for District 10 on July 4, 2007 to help restore the government that the founders established and to help maintain our independence as a sovereign nation.[1]

2008 elections

Greene is seeking to challenge Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) in the 2008 congressional elections as an independent candidate.[2][3]

North Carolina, though a wonderful state to live and represent, has some of the most unconstitutional and restrictive ballot access laws in the nation, specifically those refering to independent/unaffiliated candidates for district offices. Actually, North Carolina requires the highest number of petition signatures for an independent/unaffiliated candidate for district offices of any state in the US, according to Ballot Access News. [4] So remember, we need all the help we can get to obtain the correct (yet outrageous and unconstitutional) number of signatures to get on the ballot

To gain a better grasp on why North Carolina's ballot access restrictions in NCGS 163 are unconstitutional read this article entitled "NC Election Law - Abridging Our 1st Amendment Rights" by Jordon Greene, Bryan's son and Campaign Manager. You can find more articles wrote Bryan and Jordon Greene along with other political writers and Constitutionalist politicians such as Ron Paul at their News/Press Releases page.

Due to North Carolina General Statute 163-122(a)(2)[5], which refers to Independent Candidates running for Congress, Bryan Greene must obtain signatures equal to 4% (Four-Percent) of the total number of registered voters within his district, District 10. This means Bryan Greene must raise approximately 17,000 signatures. If you live in District 10, and would like to help out, you can help obtain signatures by going to the petition page of his Congressional Campaign Site at

Money in politics

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Campaign contributions

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Committees and affiliations


Greene will be assigned committees if and when he is elected to Congress.


- Constitution Party of North Carolina

- L.A.R.I - Legislators Against Read ID

- 100% Pro-Life PAC

Bryan Greene is running as an independent candidate, yet he has the endorsement of the Constitution Party of North Carolina. Bryan would be running as a candidate for the Constitution Party of North Carolina (CPNC), but he is forced to run as an independent candidate because the CPNC does not have ballot access in the state due to the unconstitutional North Carolina General Statute Chapter 163-96[6], which requires new political parties to obtain signatures in a number equal to 2% (two percent) of the total number of people who voted in the last general election for president or governor. For the 2008 elections, that total is approximately 70,000 just to get on the ballot. The Bryan Greene 2008 Congressional Campaign Committee believes this to be an unconstitutional requirement for what is supposed to be a free ballot in a free nation. The North Carolina State Constitution reads in plain words Article 1 Section 10 that, "All elections shall be free."[7]

More background data

Contact Information[8]

Mailing Address

Bryan Greene 2008 CCC
2206 Planters Way
Lenoir, NC 28645


(828) 729-4509




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