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Bill summary

The bill was introduced to make further continuing appropriations for the fiscal year 2007. The bill was a funding resolution, totaling $463.5 billion, to fund much of the government (all but the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security) for the remainder of the 2007 fiscal year (FY07), ending September 30, 2007. This is a continuing resolution, a type of bill that generally extends funding for agencies at the same level as the previous year. However, this particular continuing resolution specifies certain changes in funding from the previous year. Notable cuts in funding were made for the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) program. Funding increases were made for programs in areas such as health care, education, scientific research, housing, and transportation. The bill aslo eliminates all FY06 funding bill earmarks (specifically allocated funds) in FY07.[1]

House Action

On its 2007 House scorecard, National Journal rated a yes vote in roll call vote 32 as "L-2" (Liberal-2). Votes were rated either conservative or liberal and weighted 1 to 3. The scorecard gave the following description:
Approve the fiscal 2007 continuing resolution to fund the federal government. January 31. (286-140) [2]

Same for all scorecards:

Scored vote

Scorecard: National Journal 2007 House Scorecard

Org. position: {{{Vote position 1}}}


"Approve the fiscal 2007 continuing resolution to fund the federal government. January 31. (286-140)"

(Original scorecard available at:

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