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The District of Columbia government is slowly but surely upgrading their web presence. This wiki aims to keep track of the state of this upgrade (on an agency-by-agency basis), note how DC.gov presents information, and highlight data that is available on dc.gov

Home Page

The DC.gov home page is an effective portal to the network of dc.gov sites, but its main focus is on information that might be helpful to residents of the city. It prominently features links to:

Agency Services
Featured Sites
Popular Searches
District News
DC Webcasts
Traffic and Street Closures
Maps using DC Data 


The district government is made up of more than 130 agencies and services. They are having their websites upgraded on a rolling basis. A list and links are available here: app.dc.gov/agencies/index.asp

Notable Agency websites awaiting upgrade

Many agencies that are integral to the functions of the District, or particularly important to citizens have already had their websites upgraded. However, there are some notable exceptions including, but not limited to, the following: The Office of Campaign Finance, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Office of Community Affairs, The Department of Corrections, District of Columbia Courts, Department of Employment Services, Department of Health, Department of Healthcare Finance, Human Resources, Human Services, Office of the Inspector General, Metropolitan Police Department, Department of Motor Vehicles, Office of Tax and Revenue, DC Taxicab Commission

Office of the Chief Technology Officer

OCTO's website (octo.dc.gov/DC/OCTO/) is the repository for Apps, Maps, and other information using data released by the DC government. It prominently features links to DC's Data catalog, Applications built by the DC government and individuals/companies, maps that visualize some of the data, and a system to track government performance on an agency-by-agency basis.    

The new Chief Technology Officer recently gave an interview laying out some of his goals/vision for OCTO: www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/housingcomplex/2012/01/11/meet-the-new-ish-boss-chief-technology-officer-rob-mancini/