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The Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee is a standing committee of the Democratic National Convention and is made up of members of the Democratic National Committee. On May 31, members of the committee determined 2008 Democratic Convention delegates from Michigan and Florida should be seated at the August convention, but will only receive 1/2 a vote.[1]


2008 membership

Click on the name of the superdelegate below to see their profile or on the corresponding state to see its breakdown of superdelegates and other presidential vote information.

Co-Chairs (no endorsement)

  1. Alexis Herman (District of Columbia)
  2. James Roosevelt, Jr. (Massachusetts)

Endorsing Clinton

  1. Hartina Flournoy (District of Columbia)
  2. Donald Fowler (South Carolina)
  3. Harold Ickes, Jr. (District of Columbia)
  4. Jaime Gonzalez, Jr. (Texas)
  5. Alice Huffman (California)
  6. Ben Johnson (District of Columbia)
  7. Elaine Kamarck (Massachusetts)
  8. Eric Kleinfeld (District of Columbia)
  9. Mona Pasquil (California)
  10. Mame Reiley (Virginia)
  11. Garry Shay (California)
  12. Elizabeth Smith (District of Columbia)
  13. Michael Steed (Maryland)

Endorsing Obama

  1. Martha Fuller Clark (New Hampshire)
  2. Carol Khare Fowler (South Carolina)
  3. Janice Griffin (Maryland)
  4. Thomas Hynes (Illinois)
  5. Allan Katz (Florida)
  6. Sharon Stroschein (South Dakota)
  7. Sarah Swisher (Iowa)
  8. Everett Ward (North Carolina)


  1. Donna Brazile (District of Columbia)
  2. Mark Brewer (Michigan)
  3. Ralph Dawson (New York)
  4. Yvonne Gates (Nevada)
  5. Alice Germond (District of Columbia) - DNC Secretary
  6. David McDonald (Washington)
  7. Jerome Wiley Segovia (Virginia)


The Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee is different than the Democratic National Convention Committee Rules Committee, which is "responsible for proposing the Permanent Rules for the Convention, adopting the proposed Convention agenda and making recommendations for permanent Convention officers - all addressed as the second official item of business at the Convention."[2]

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  2. "DNC Elects Standing Committee Leadership for 2008 Democratic National Convention," 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee press release.

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