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Senate Leadership Agrees to Unemployment Extension Details - Vote to Come no sooner than Tues Oct 13, 2009

The Associated Press (and a myriad of other sources) are reporting on an agreement by Senators Baucus (MT), Reid (NV), Shaheen (NH) and Reed (RI) to extend Unemployment Benefits for an additional 14 weeks in ALL states as well as an additional 6 weeks in states with unemployment 3-month averages of 8.5% or more (for a total of 20 weeks.)


As most people who have run out of benefits, or are soon to, the details have not been as important as when it will clear the Senate and return to the House for final passage. Upon contacting Sen. Baucus's office Thursday afternoon, the information they have is that it was put before the senate at approximately 4pm this afternoon under a unanimous consent request, which ultimately failed. Information from a staffer at Sen. Reid's office this information was confirmed with the additional details. According to Sen Reid's office, the unanimous consent request was objected to by a single Senator, Sen. Kyl of Arizona. As unanimous consent in the senate is the only way to quickly bypass the normal system, it must now go to a full Senate vote that will not occur prior the Senate returning from their Columbus Day break on Tuesday October 13th at 5:30 PM, according to the staffer in Sen. Reids office. Additionally, the staffer stated that their are sufficient votes to pass the bill, but it will have to go thru a more formal floor vote process.