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Semantic media wiki


The "show" parser function is used a lot to make semantic queries. If the property you are querying is of type page, however, you need a special parameter to include that string within another internal link.

For example, this:

[[{{#show:MI-15|? Full state name}} congressional districts and candidates]]

yields this: [[Michigan congressional districts and candidates]]

but when you add "link=none" like this:

[[{{#show:MI-15|? Full state name|link=none}} congressional districts and candidates]]

you get this: Michigan congressional districts and candidates

Misc. extensions

Click extension

Use the "click" extension to have images link to pages, so you can make clickable images with destinations.

For example, this:

{{#click:Project:RaceTracker|Image:Good size for communitypage.gif||Go to the RaceTracker project!}}

Makes this:

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