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This profile of a DEFEATED 2008 U.S. House candidate for Virginia's district 6 is part of the "Wiki the Vote" project.
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Janice Lee Allen, Ph.D. is an Independent candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 6th Congressional District (map) of Virginia. She is challenging incumbent Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) [1] and the Democratic candidate Sam Rasoul. [2] [3]

Janice Lee Allen is an Independent candidate for Virginia's 6th Congressional District.


Record, positions and controversies

The Iraq War and Military Service

Janice would not have voted for the Iraq war, based on the lack of evidence to justify our involvement in that theater, and lack of thorough planning entering the war. The lives lost and wounded, along with the funding of this war, should have been spent within the United States to protect our borders, raise the standard of living for the average citizen and allow for improvements to keep our nation the best in the world. [4]


She disagrees with no child left behind and believes that it has failed the school systems. She believes this has resulted in young teachers leaving the teaching profession and therefore shortchanging our children. She believes that teachers should be encouraged to utilize the full scope of their knowledge and not feel bound to textbooks and tests which teach a bare standard that is not relevant to many communities. She supports increasing foreign language and social studies courses geared toward the world at large and that it is imperative to provide high quality math and science to our students so that they will be prepared to enter the high tech industry which will shape the 21st century. Janice hopes to ensure that higher education needs are met for all who aspire to those goals. [5]

Life: Medicine and Medical Research

Janice believes that life is precious. Per the law, should a woman decide to abort, that choice should be made within the first trimester of the woman's pregnancy.

She believes in an affordable nationwide health insurance program that is open to all, but not mandatory, and believes there should be a federally mandated cap on all out of pocket costs for medical care. Janice wishes to create legislation that would allow for the generating of more funding for research which would help those Americans with the most common debilitating diseases. [6]


Janice believes that the minimum wage should be increased to a living wage. She believes the current economy can rebound through simple measures such as creating new jobs as well as protecting current jobs, and returning jobs back to the United States. There needs to be federal protection to prevent mortgage fraud and housing losses, and every family should be entitled to home ownership. She is in favor fines levied against predatory lenders. [7]

She would encourage the implementation of new deal era policies that would employ out of work citizens towards revitalizing the nation’s critical infrastructure. [8]

IRS and Immigration

The United States tax code should to be rewritten to create a Fair Tax with a simplified tax form that everyone can use without the need for external review. Her plan would greatly diminish the scope and size of the internal revenue service. Her plan would then seek to retrain the civil servants to homeland security functions, thereby utilizing those persons displaced to regain the revenue lost due to illegal immigration. [9]

Global Warming and Agriculture

She believes that the future of the nation is in peril, and that the United States needs to take a greater role in preventing global warming, or in the erosion of life. [10]

She also feels that measures should be taken to assure the preservation of the family farm and that everyone should have access to pure drinking water, good air quality, and food protection. [11]

National Debt

She believes in the need for a balanced budget and downsizing the national debt. Raising taxes on the middle class is not an option, rather that we need to invest in high tech industry in order to revitalize the nation and encourage business growth. [12]

Foreign Policy

Janice supports our government moving forward with open discussions with all of the world’s leaders, seeking negotiations of peace and community while averting angry rhetoric that has caused nations to be divisive. She also hopes to help repair our reputation within the world community. [13]


Janice Lee Allen was born in Harrisonburg, Va., and grew up in Rockingham County, Va. She graduated from Turner Ashby High School, located in Bridgewater, Virginia, in 1970. She attended Bridgewater College in 1970, transferred to Emory and Henry College, graduated in 1973, with a BA in Government, with emphasis in international relations. After graduation, she moved to northern Virginia and began raising a family. While residing in Northern Virginia, Janice worked in the Fairfax County, Fairfax City, and Rockingham County governments, as an Urban Planner. She also worked as a Systems Analyst with Fairfax County government. During her stay in Northern Virginia, she obtained a Real Estate Broker's license and concentrated on the housing, and later the commercial real estate markets. She returned to the Shenandoah Valley in 1990 to work for Housing and Urban development in Harrisonburg, VA. Janice has a Masters Degree in Urban Affairs (Planning) from Virginia Tech, and later acquired a degree, a Masters in Business Administration. In 1995, she aquired her father’s real estate business, which she still owns. In 2001, she began her graduate studies in Theology. She has since completed her studies, gaining a Masters in Divinity and a Ph.D. in Theology with a concentration in early Christianity. In April of 2008 she announced her intention to run for Virginia’s congressional 6th district seat as an Independent, to represent all of District 6, without party affiliation. [14]

She has authored the book titled, Peace Or War.


Janice Lee Allen for Congress Official Website

Jance Lee Allen

P. O. Box 2092

Harrisonburg, Va. 22801

telephone: (540) 421-2690



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