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My name is John M. Beard and I have lived almost all of my life in Las Vegas. In fact, both the families of my father and mother have been in Southern Nevada since the 1930s. This is my home, and where my heart has and will always reside. I was born at March Air Force Base outside Riverside, CA in June 1954 and within a few short months we moved to back to the Las Vegas Valley. My father was a career military man in the United States Air Force. While my father was away serving our country, I spent my time growing up in Victory Village and Carver Park, on the west side of Boulder Highway. In 1968, my father retired from the Air Force and began working at the Nevada Test Site.

I began working in 1968 at age 14 as a bus boy in the Culinary Union working at the Castaways, and Hacienda. I later worked for the Review Journal stuffing Sunday sale ads into the newspaper by hand, and I held a vast variety of jobs during my high school years. Upon graduation from Rancho High School, I enlisted in the United States Navy. I received an Honorable Separation from the Navy on May 16, 1975 and my subsequent Honorable Discharge from the Reserves on June 26, 1978. From May 1975 to May 1978 I lived in the San Francisco Bay area where I met my future wife, Susan. We were married on March 22, 1980 and have enjoyed the last 29 years of raising our family, instilling in them the same values that brought me where I am today.

After 15 years of running my own business, I decided it was time for me to go fishing and to slow down a bit. But I could not sit and enjoy my retirement years while my sons, nieces, and nephews were having their futures stolen from them by Washington Insiders. The out of control spending, bailouts of private business, and political agendas and policies that do not have the best interest of our children and grandchildren are not sustainable and will continue to drag America toward a ruinous future. That is why I want to take your voice to Washington and represent the true spirit of America that we have worked so hard to build here in Southern Nevada.