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RaceTracker 2012 Congressional Election Dashboard
2012 House report  ยท 2012 Senate report
House: 435 seats Senate: 33 seats
GOP Dems Total GOP Dems Total
Confirmed primary challenges 5 2 7 5 5 10
Possible primary challenges 0 0 0 0 0 0
Open seats* 16 21 41 3 6 102
1. Includes Joe Lieberman, who is retiring from his Conn. senate seat.
This profile of Kansas's Class III U.S. Senate seat, currently filled by Sam Brownback, is part of the RaceTracker project.


Next election: 2016

Race status [edit race status]

Incumbent: Sam Brownback
Incumbent running? Maybe
Primary challenge? Primary challenge if incumbent runs.

Candidates [edit candidate list]
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Name Party Status Reference URL Reference date Reference note
Sam Brownback Republican Potential candidate Source May 4, 2009 Has announced he will not seek re-election.
Todd Tiahrt Republican Confirmed candidate Source January 31, 2009
Jerry Moran Republican Confirmed candidate Source November 11, 2008
Lisa Johnston Democratic Confirmed candidate Source August 4, 2010

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Results [edit election results]

2012 primary winners 2012 general election winner
Lisa Johnston, Jerry Moran TBD

Last election: 2004

Incumbent: Sam Brownback


Name Party Status Reference URL Reference date Reference note
Sam Brownback Republican Confirmed candidate (source needed)
Lee Jones Democratic Confirmed candidate (source needed)

(Candidate classification criteria)


Primary winners: Sam Brownback, Lee Jones
General election winner: Sam Brownback

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