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Trivedi is a physician. Among his opinions on healthcare: increase affordability, supports public option, does not support denial of coverage based on pre-existing conditions, more support for primary care providers, increased focus on women's health and community health.

An opinion article written for The Daily Kos by Trivedi outlining the shortcomings Trivedi finds with the new health care bill. Trivedi offers solutions to fill in the holes he sees in the legislation.

Source: "PA-06 Healthcare reform begins with this legislation, it does not end with this legislation". March 23, 2010.

Trivedi pledges to make healthcare his second priority (behind creating “sustainable jobs” and “incentiviz[ing] new job growth in the clean energy sector”) if elected. He proposes providing citizens with a “Medicare-like public option” to encourage competition and thereby bring down costs of health insurance.

Source: "Candidate Questionnaire: Manan Trivedi, PA 6th Congressional District (Democrat)". May 10, 2010.


Trivedi wants to "modernize [the US] electrical grid... [to] save energy, reduce costs, and improve reliability." He also supports "clean and green technologies, including advanced solar and wind, geothermal, and wave."


From Trivedi’s campaign site, this article outlines his “Powering America’s Schools. Energizing Job Growth” proposal to create new jobs in retrofitting “our schools with clean energy technology and all the while [using] that technology to teach future generations”. In addition to creating jobs to fulfill those two goals, Trivedi argues that the retrofitting of schools will ultimately help reduce energy costs. The full text of the “Powering America’s Schools. Energizing Job Growth” proposal is included at the end of the article.

Source: "Manan Trivedi Becomes First in 6th CD Race to Release Comprehensive Jobs Plan". Jan. 1, 2010.

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