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This is a profile of a former U.S. Representative. (See the Pennsylvania portal for all incumbents, candidates and blogs.)
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Record and controversies

Energy and environment

Energy: Critz wants to think long term about bringing his district to toward energy independence and creating more jobs on the way. He also wants to expand drilling as it’s important to his area as prices are continuing to increase on coal.[1]

Climate: The group Americans for Prosperity is urging Critz to vote against the climate tax. This tax will energy production that emits carbon. They say that this tax will decrease jobs and cost tax payers a lot of money.[2]

Technology: Critz visited in 2010 a paramedic technology corporation which is a software company. Critz was pleased with the work they were doing in helping expand technology and has also very happy that they were based in America. Critz also plans on reviewing the work done by this company.[3]

Health: Critz voted against the healthcare bill but he’s not going to vote to repeal it. As a democrat he wants to back his party and Obama. He mentions that he wants to work with what he has and not work on going backwards.[4]

This article talks about how Critz visited a local medical center to look at how laboratory testing affects patient care. “It was fascinating to see the different diagnostic tests that are conducted on a daily basis right here at Indiana Regional Medical Center,” said Critz following the tour. “I think everyone would benefit from a better understanding of the growing importance of pathologists and the clinical laboratory in the health care system.”[5]

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