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Latest Unemployment
Total Unemployment Rate Insured Unemployment Rate
8.9 (3 Month Average 9.1)
3.74 (13 Week Average 3.81)
Emergency Unemployment
Tier 1 Available? Tier 2 Available?
Yes (Then 20 Weeks EB)

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Latest news and announcements

12/02/09 - For people who have completely exhausted their benefits, the new extension will be paid as follows:

•First payment issued on December 15. This check will include payments for up to 4 weeks of benefits, including the weeks ending November 14, 21, and 28, and December 5. Claimants must be eligible for the most recent extension in those weeks and certify for those weeks.

•Second payment issued on January 5 for 3 weeks ending December 12, 19, and 26.

There is no official word yet on what happens after 1/05/10. Additional Emergency Unemployment Compensation Benefits Legislation Passed

11/07/09 - According to one of Senator Casey's speeches and various news sources, the 14 weeks will be credited first and if at the end of 14 weeks, the state 3 month average is at or above 8.5%, the additional 6 weeks of Tier 4 will be credited. You can view Senator Casey's speech in the Cspan archives for 10/28/09. The part about the Tiers is at 5:21 pm - 471:35 on the counter.

11/06/09 - The extension bill was signed by the President today. The MA UI office currently has a recording on their main phone number that says they will notify eligible claimants by mail.

10/8/09 - An amendment has been proposed to HR 3548 which results in new tiers of EUC. If HR3548 passes with the proposed amendment SA2668, this is how it will go:
Tier 2 - 14 weeks for everyone.
Tier 3 - 13 weeks for over 6.5% 3 month average.
Tier 4 - 6 weeks for over 8.5% 3 month average.
They added Limitation rules so since MA already qualified for Tier 2 and you have exhausted all benefits, you will get the one extra week from the new Tier 2 and then trigger on to Tier 3 and then trigger on to Tier 4. It is not known at this time if they will credit the total 20 weeks at once or if they will wait until the 14 weeks has exhausted and see what the state average is before they credit the 6 weeks for Tier 4. 

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