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RichTextEditor Annoying

I've been a member of numerous other wikis including Wikipedia, Conservapedia, Citizendium, Sourcewatch, and CreationWiki for a number of years, so please don't think I speak lightly when I say this wiki would be considerably better without the RichTextEditor turned on automatically. It is EXTREMELY annoying, in fact, it's the most annoying editor I've not only seen but ever heard of. It's slow to load, it glitches, and it's annoying switching to the source window so any actual formatting can be performed. Right now it's the major reason I wouldn't want to edit here more, because it makes each and every edit a laborious chore. I don't believe I speak just for myself when I say editors don't like to spend 5 or 10 times as much time on editing as they have to because of a slow-loading editor that has to be switched off for every single edit. I wouldn't be surprised if several of your editors left just because they didn't like the RichTextEditor, as it's very annoying. The basic editor's much better. --Jzyehoshua 09:47, September 7, 2012 (CDT)