Mitt Romney: U.S. presidential election, 2008

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Mitt Romney is the Republican governor of Massachusetts. He is considered to be a possible presidential candidate in 2008. He has not, however, formed an exploratory committee to begin raising funds for his bid. Many observers believe that he will forgo this step entirely and simply formally declare his candidacy in January 2007.


Political Action Committees

Given that Romney did not form an exploratory committee, much of his preparation for a possible presidential campaign has crystallized around his political action committee. Romney's Commonwealth PAC was created in 2004 and has since dispersed campaign funds to over 500 Republican candidates and political organizations nationwide. [1] In 2006, it became a de facto organizing body for his potential presidential ambitions and began to sign on a variety of advisers that could form the backbone of a national campaign in 2007-2008. [2]

Campaign Team

Media team

PAC Political advisers

PAC Economic advisers

  • Glenn Hubbard, co-chair of the PAC's economic advisory council, co-architect of the Bush tax cuts [9]
  • Greg Mankiw, co-chair of the PAC's economic advisory council, co-architect of the Bush tax cuts [10]
  • Cesar Conda, senior economic adviser [11]

PAC Regional advisers





Romney is a Mormon and that fact has been one of the most talked about issues regarding his potential presidential run. An internal pro-Romney poll showed that 37% of Americans said that they would not vote for a Mormon for president. According to, "a political organization supportive of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential bid," it and a second 527 organization,, "will fund and produce national media campaigns related to" religious bias, the "remarkable overall ignorance of the basic tenets of Mormonism", and that "Evangelical Christians have never had a candidate whose values and lifestyle more closely mirror their own."

Contact Information

PAC/Campaign Website:
PAC/Campaign Website:

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