New Mexico 2008 presidential primary and superdelegates

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New Mexico state flag.png You can also find New Mexico members of Congress, candidates and blogs at the New Mexico portal.


Primary elections

Democratic presidential primary

The New Mexico Democratic presidential caucus took place on Feb. 5th, 2008.

Delegate count

This chart shows the delegates to the Democratic National Convention in August 2008, who will elect the Democratic nominee for president. Listed are "pledged delegates" - those who were elected through the state's caucuses or primaries - and the "superdelegates" - those who are delegates by virtue of their party or elected office.

Delegate allotments for At-Large and PL/EO delegate types are both based on statewide totals. Therefore, the statewide totals need only be listed in the 'At-Large' row

New Mexico's Democratic Delegates
Congressional District or Affiliation Clinton Vote[1] Obama Vote[1] Other Vote[1] Pledged Clinton[1] Pledged Obama[1] Superdelegate Superdelegate Status Agrees w/ voters? Accepted Donation(s) From Donation Amount
1 27,597 29,066 1,538 3 3 Republican n/a n/a
2 19,034 13,863 1,517 3 2 Republican n/a n/a
3 26,366 28,339 1,800 3 3 +1 Tom Udall Barack Obama [2]
At-Large 72,997 71,268 4,855 3 3
PL/EO Pledged 2 1
Dem. Governor 1 Bill Richardson Barack Obama[3] No Clinton $5,000[4]

Dem. Senator 1 Jeff Bingaman Barack Obama[5] Obama $4,200[4]
DNC 1 Brian Colón Barack Obama[6]
DNC 1 Martin Chávez Hillary Clinton[7] Yes
DNC 1 Diane Denish Hillary Clinton[7] Yes
DNC 1 Mary Gail Gwaltney Hillary Clinton[7] Yes
DNC 1 Fred Harris Barack Obama[8] Yes
DNC 1 Christine Trujillo Hillary Clinton[7] Yes
DNC 1 Annadelle Sanchez Hillary Clinton[7] Yes
DNC 1 Raymond Sanchez Hillary Clinton[7] Yes
Add-On Unpledged 1 Laurie Weahkee Barack Obama[9]


Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Undeclared Total
Total superdelegate endorsements: 6 6 0 12
Total pledged delegates 14 12 n/a 26
Grand delegate total 20 18 0 38

Delegates in the following two categories are pledged delegates

"At-Large Pledged" delegates are pledged delegates and are apportioned according to the statewide popular vote.
"PL/EO Pledged" delegates are also apportioned according to the statewide popular vote but are selected from a pool of party leaders and elected officials.

Delegates in the following five categories are all unpledged superdelegates

"Dem. Governor" delegates are sitting Democratic governors.
"Dem. Senator" delegates are sitting Democratic senators.
"DNC" delegates are party officials.
"Distinguished Party Member" delegates are former Democratic Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Speakers of the House, Minority or Majority leader of either house of Congress, Governors, or DNC Chairmen.
"Add-On Unpledged" delegates are [To Be Determined].

You may use this list to confirm that the correct number of delegates and superdelegates are represented on the table.

Total number of delegates

Wobbler and leaner superdelegates

The list of "wobbler" and "leaner" superdelegates helps predict shifts as they change or hedge their endorsements. Click on a superdelegate's name in the main state chart above to see more details about their endorsement status. The full list of superdelegates from New Mexico is here.

Articles and resources

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