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The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency that regulates Food, Drugs, Biologics, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Radiation-Emitting Electronic Products, Veterinary Products and Tobacco. 

The FDA website has a variety of resources and information for both consumers and for the industries it regulates. The FDA also has an ongoing transparency initiative that aims to make more regulatory information available to the public. 

The FDA has made some of its datasets available on its "Open Government" Page:


About the FDA:

Commissioners Page:

Advisory Committees:

Consumers and Patients Portal:

Health Professionals Portal:

Scientists and Researchers Portal:

Industry Portal:

FDA Initiatives

Public Health Focus:

Focus on Innovation:


Advancing Regulatory Science:

Medical Countermeasures Initiative:

Sentinel Initiative:

Emergency Preparedness and Response:

Consumer Email Alert Service:

FDA Basics Webinars:

Information for Consumers

Product Recalls 

FDA Main Recall Page: 

Medical Device Recall Database:

Drug Recall Press Releases:

Biologics Recalls by Year:

Animal and Veterinary Recall Press Releases: 

Product Approvals 

Product Approvals Page:

New and Generic Drug Approvals:

Drug and Biologic Approvals Reports:

Drug Approval Search Function:

Medical Device Approvals by Year:

Additional Consumer Information 


Food Facts:

CFSAN Constituent Updates:

Foodborne Illness:

Biotechnology Policy:

Dietary Supplements:

Food Defense and Emergency Response:

Food ingredients and Packaging:

Food Safety Page: 

Food Labeling and Nutrition:

Science and Research:


MedWatch program:

Drug Safety Newsletter:

Drug Shortages:

Drug Database:

"Orange Book":

National Drug Code Directory:

Drug Emergency Preparedness:

Drug Safety and Availability Resources:

Drug Development and Approval Process:

Understanding Generic Drugs:

Medicine Guides:

Medication Health Fraud:

Medical Devices

Medical Device Database:

Safety Notices:

Science and Research Information:

Medical Device Reporting for Consumers:

Products and Medical Procedures:

Consumers Key Topics:

Choosing a Medical Device: 


Biologic Product Shortages:

Allergenics Resources:

Blood and Blood Products Resources:

Cellular and Gene Therapy Resources:

TIssue and Tissue Products Resource Page:

Vaccines Information:

Xenotransplantation Information:

Biologics Development and Approval Process:

Safety and Availability Information by Year:

Science and Research Information:


Animal Drug Database:

Pet Food Label Information:

Consumer Updates:

Consumer Topic Fliers:

Safety and Health Information:

Science and Research Information:


Cosmetic Labeling:

Color Addatives and Cosmetics:

Cosmetic Exports:

Cosmetic Imports:

Press Releases:

Product and Ingredient Safety:

Hypoallergenic Cosmetics:

Radiation-Emitting Products

Products and Procedures Information:

List of Regulated Products:

Radiation Safety:

Mammography Quality Standards Act and Program Information:

Radiation-Emitting Products News:


News and Press Releases:

Tobacco Labeling:

Protecting Kids from Tobacco:

Resources to Quit Smoking:

Cigarette Health Warnings:

Electronic Cigarettes:

Compliance Check Inspections of Tobacco Product Retailers and Civil Money Penalty Complaints:

Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee:

Information for Industry

General Resources

Industry Guidance Documents:

Recall Guidance Information:

FDA Standards:

FDA Forms:

Industry-Specific Information


Good Manufacturing Practices:

Reportable Food Registry:

Retail Food Protection:

Registration of Food Facilities:

Industry Guidance Documents:


Prescription Drug User Fee Act:

Drug Guidance Documents:

Medical Devices

Medical Device Guidance Documents:

Device Advice: Regulatory Assistance:

Device Registration:

Importing and Exporting Devices:

Device Classification:

Bioresearch Monitoring:

Medical Device Recognized Consensus Standards

Standards and Guidance Resource Page:


General Biologics Guidances: 

Biologics Forms:

Importing and Exporting:

Biologics Procedures:

Biologics Rules:

Memoranda to Blood Establishments:

Blood Establishment Registration:

Biologics License Applications Process: 


Veterinary Guidances:

Development and Approval Process:

Veterinary Compliance Manual:

Veterinary Rules and Regulations:

New Animal Drug Application:

User Fees and Related Information:

Reportable Food Registry for Industry:

Adverse Event Reporting for Manufacturers:

Veterinary Feed Directive:


Cosmetics Guidance Documents:

Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program:

Good Manufacturing Practices:

Cosmetics Laws and Regulations:

Resource Page for Cosmetic Manufacturers, Packagers and Distributors:

Radiation-Emitting Products

Getting a Radiation-Emitting Product to Market:

Laws and Regulations:

Guidance Documents:

Industry Assistance Walk-through:

Importing and Exporting Electronic Products:

Performance Standards:

Product Codes for Radiation-Emitting Products:

Records and Reporting:


Guidance Documents:

Industry Meeting Request Procedure:

Small Business Assistance:

Information from Importers:

Information for Manufacturers:

Information for Wholesalers and Distributors:


Inspections Information

Inspections Database:

Inspections Reference Materials:

Inspections Guides:

CDRH Inspections Database:

Investigations Operations Manual, Inspections Chapter:

Foreign Inspections:

Field Management Directives:

Correspondance with Industry 

Warning Letters: 

Assorted Letters to Industry:

Medical Device Letters to Industry:

Warning Letters to Pharmaceutical Companies:

Veterinary Advisory Action Letters:

Cosmetics Warning Letters:

Tobacco Retailer Warning Letters:

Compliance Pages

The FDA maintains a "Compliance Page" for each of the regulatory areas. These pages are a compliation of compliance activities, documents for consumers, and resources for industry.

Biologics Compliance Page:

Animal and Veterinary Compliance Page:

Food Compliance Page:

Drugs Compliance Page:

Medical Devices Compliance Page:

Cosmetics Compliance Page:

Tobacco Compliance Page:

Compliance Manuals:

Laws and Regulations

Regulatory Information Page:

FDA-related Legislation:

Collection of Laws Affecting the FDA:

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act:

Federal Food and Drug Regulations:

Laws Enforced by the FDA:

FDA Standards:

FDA Guidances:

Enforcement Resources for Consumers 

Debarment List:

Cargo Theft Notifications: 

Counterfeit Medicine Press Releases:

Criminal Investigations Press Releases:

General Press Releases:

To Report a Problem:

To Report Criminal Activity:

Weekly Enforcement Reports:

Annual Enforcement Statistics: 


Transparency Task Force Activity

Transparency Initiative Reports:

"FDA Basics" Page [to provide basic information and context for consumers]:

Transparency Dialogue with Industry:

Phase II Transparency Report: Public Disclosure Policy:

FDA Transparency Blog:

Transparency Resources

FOIA Electronic Reading Room:

Freedom Of Information Act Resources:

Public Comment and Petition for Proposed Regulations:

Congressional Testimony:

Public Meetings sponsored by the FDA:

Speeches by FDA Officials:

Interactive Media and Blogs:

Dockets Managment:

FDA-TRACK Program: