Open Data Principles and Database Creation Principles

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This page contains background research and useful writings on open data principles and principles for building data catalogs.

Open Data Principles

Building Data Catalogs

  • 10 Principles for Improving Federal Transparency, by Vivek Kundra (7/14/2011)
  • "Publishing Open Government Data" W3C Working Draft (8/9/2009)
  • "Why everyone should know what makes a good data set; it’s not as hard as you think" (3/29/2010)
  • “Government Datasets That Facilitate Innovation,” Freedom to Tinker Blog (3/1/2010)
  • “Basic Data Format Lessons,” Freedom to Tinker Blog (3/2/2010)
  • “Labeling Dataset Contents,” Freedom to Tinker Blog (3/3/2010)
  • “Correcting Errors and Making Changes,” Freedom to Tinker Blog (3/8/2010)
  • “Best Practices for Government Datasets: Wrap-up,” Freedom to Tinker Blog (3/12/2010)
  • “Drafting Guidelines for Government Data Catalogs,” Sunlight Labs Blog (3/29/2010)

Government Data Catalogs

  • Sunlight Labs' wiki of Government Data Catalogs (link)
  • Sunlight Labs Recommendation: Evaluating Data Set Quality (link)

Working Groups

Other Resources