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This page aggregates resources on the Open Government Directive.

Government Resources

Sunlight Resources

  • OGD /Open Pages come to life 2/7/2010
  • Imagining /Open Pages (wireframes for what the /Open page could look like) 1/21/2010
  • Sunlight's Open Government Directive Main Page
  • Evaluating /Open Pages (1/19/2010)
  • Three misconceptions about the open government directive (12/11/2009)
  • A Sneak Peek at Cabinet Department Open Government Projects (12/8/2009)
  • Open Government Directive Timelines (12/8/2009)
  • Sunlight Press Release on Open Government Directive (12/8/2009)
  • New Media Directors: What To Do (12/10/09)
  • A Watershed Moment in Transparency and Accountability(12/11/09)
  • White House asks for help with Data.Gov and OGD Dashboard (12/18/09)
  • Blog Post on Dashboard and /Open milestones: 2/7/10.

Agency Data Release Deadlines

Additional Resources

  • OpenGov Open Feedback Firehose (each Agency's OGD discussion + RSS feeds) links

/Open Trackers