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This page tracks stories and research on the use of personal financial disclosure forms. It has been put together by the Sunlight Foundation.

Personal Financial Disclosure Databases

Sunlight Foundation Blogposts

  • "Fix Congress’ Personal Financial Disclosures" by Daniel Schuman (10/12/10)
  • "Congress Should Make All Ethics Documents Available Online" by Daniel Schuman (1/11/2010)
  • "Lawmaker Investments and Disclosure" by Paul Blumenthal (11/23/2009)
  • "Dodd, Conrad Cleared of Ethics Violations In Countrywide VIP Case" by Paul Blumenthal (8/7/2009)
  • "Every Obama Administration Personal Financial Disclosure" by Paul Blumenthal (4/8/2009)
  • "White House Adds Web Access to Personal Financial Disclosures," by John Wonderlich (4/6/2009)
  • "Congress Fails When It Comes to Disclosure" by Ellen Miller (7/7/2008)
  • "LegiStorm Posts Staffer Personal Financial Disclosures," by Paul Blumenthal (2/26/2008)
  • "The GAO’s Unheeded Mandate" by John Wonderlich (12/17/2007)

Other Reporting

  • "Pelosi, the Swamp, the STOCK Act, and the Speech and Debate Clause," Stephen Bainbridge (10/12/2010)
  • "Congressional Staffers Gain From Trading in Stocks," Wall Street Journal (10/11/2010
  • "Capitol Hill’s Stock Trading: What the Academic Research Concludes," Wall Street Journal (10/11/2010)
  • "Policy, portfolios and the investor lawmaker," Washington Post (11/23/2009)
  • "House Staffers LIvid Over Web Site," Washington Post (4/9/2008)
  • "U.S. Senators' Stock Picks Outperform the Pros'," Wall Street Journal (10/26/2004)

Studies and Reports

  • "The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, by Stephen Bainbridge (8/13/2009)
  • "Insider Trading Inside the Beltway," by Stephen Bainbridge (undated)
  • "States of Disclosure: Tracking the Private Lives of Public Officials," by the Center on Public Integrity (link)
  • "Abnormal Returns from the Common Stock Investments of the U.S. Senate," by Alan J. Ziobrowski, Ping Cheng, James W. Boyd and Brigitte J. Ziobrowski in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis $ (2004 Issue 4)

Related Legislation

  • Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (HR 682)
  • Transparency in Government Act of 2010 (HR 4983)