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U.S. Representative

Peter King (R)


Leadership: No leadership position
Committees: House Committee on Financial Services, House Committee on Homeland Security
(subcommittees and past assignments)
Next election: Nov. 6, 2012

Primary challenge: N/a

Incumbent running: Yes, for a different seat

2012 candidates for NY-02

Confirmed: Peter King, Vivianne Falcone, Paul Mourino
Possible: None so far
Out: None so far
(more info & editing for NY-02)
On the Web
Official website

Peter T. King is a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives representing New York's 3rd Congressional district (map) since 1993.


Record and controversies

Congressional scorecards

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Organization 2007 Scorecard
Score - Agree ratio
2008 Scorecard
Score - Agree ratio
American Civil Liberties Union not avail. not avail.
American Conservative Union 68 - 17/25 not avail.
AFSCME not avail. not avail.
Americans for Democratic Action 30 - 6/20 45 - 9/20
Club for Growth not avail. not avail.
Drum Major Institute not avail. not avail.
Family Research Council not avail. not avail.
Information Technology Industry Council not avail. not avail.
League of Conservation Voters not avail. not avail.
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People not avail. not avail.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce 90 - 18/20 not avail.

Iraq War

King voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 that started the Iraq War.[1]

For more information see the chart of U.S. House of Representatives votes on the Iraq War.

Environmental record

For more information on environmental legislation, see the Energy and Environment Policy Portal

Support for Irish Republican Army

King, now chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, visited Northen Ireland to learn about the situation first hand, and has now known Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams for more than twenty years. [1] During 1998 negotiations, King carried messages between the Irish Republican Army and the British government, many of them in private meetings. Newsday reporter Jim Mulvaney, who covered the story extensively, states, "I still believe that King's meetings in the mid 1980s were pivotal in the peace process. When King, and others, cajoled President Clinton into action, King was the one who could speak first hand of the suffering of both sides." [2]

King was criticized for being "soft" on terrorism.

Letters to Constituents

King is known for a very blunt attitude. In 2005 he generated controversy due to his heated replies to some letters from his constituents. [3] He says he only responds harshly when someone writes a harsh letter to him, but many have posted written conversations with his reply letters online, and claim he is condescending at best.

A constituent wrote to ask King to censure George W. Bush and King's office wrote in reply,

"I understand that you recently contacted my office requesting that I vote to censure President Bush.
I disagree with you in every respect. You are morally, intellectually and politically wrong. President Bush is an outstanding leader of outstanding integrity. Like Ed Koch I thank God every night that he is our President. You should do the same.
Very truly yours, Pete T King"[4]

In another letter, he wrote "It is very reassuring to know that I am opposed by the likes of you." [5]

Valerie Plame comments

In 2005, during the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, King said the crosshairs ought to be set on the news media, which weren't tough enough on her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, rather than Karl Rove. King also suggested that the media "be shot" for pursuing the story and identifying White House aide Karl Rove as the alledged leaker.[6]


King was born April 5, 1944 in Queens, New York and graduated from St. Francis College in Brooklyn and attendd the University of Notre Dame Law School. He served in the Army National Guard from 1968 to 1973, was elected to Hempstead Town Council in 1977, and served three terms as Nassau County comptroller from 1981 to 1993.

King is the author of three novels, "Terrible Beauty," "Deliver Us From Evil" and "Vale of Tears."

Congressional career

King was first elected to the U.S House in 1992 and has been reelected since by large margins despite being a conservative in a district that is increasingly moderate to liberal.

The Irish Echo attempted to describe King's confounding political style: "While politicians are usually lauded for their willingness to shoot from the hip, Pete King has taken his rhetorical firepower to a new level. He shoots from both, usually on full automatic. Sometimes he hits his own foot." For example, King is "a conservative Republican when it comes to most domestic issues, but ranks Bill Clinton as one of his closest political friends" and did not vote to impeach Clinton. He backed John McCain for the 2000 GOP nomination in 2000 "even after ridiculing McCain's stance on campaign finance reform."[7] He once refered to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as "roadkill on the highway of American politics."[8]

2006 elections

In 2006, the Democrats nominated David L. Mejias to face King in his November 2006 bid for reelection. (See U.S. congressional elections in 2006) [9] King retained his seat.

2008 elections

King is seeking re-election in the 2008 congressional elections.[2][3]

Money in politics

This section contains links to – and feeds from – money in politics databases. For specific controversies, see this article's record and controversies section.

Top Contributors to during the 2008 Election Cycle
DonorAmount (US Dollars)
New York University$ 19,800
General Dynamics$ 15,000
Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union$ 15,000
Nyu Langone Medical Center$ 14,150
Castagna Realty$ 12,500
National Assn of Realtors$ 11,000
Republican Main Street Partnership$ 11,000
Administrators for the Professions$ 10,400
Bouchard Transportation$ 10,400
Invemed Assoc$ 10,400
Source: The Center for Responsive Politics' site.
Note: Contributions are not from the organizations themselves, but are rather from
the organization's PAC, employees or owners. Totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.
Links to more campaign contribution information for Peter King
from the Center for Responsive Politics' site.
Fundraising profile: 2008 election cycle Career totals
Top contributors by organization/corporation: 2008 election cycle Career totals
Top contributors by industry: 2008 election cycle Career totals

Committees and Affiliations


Committees in the 110th Congress (2007-2008)

  • House Committee on Homeland Security
    • Subcommittee on Border, Maritime, and Global Counterterrorism -Ex Officio
    • Subcommittee on Emergency Communications, Preparedness, and Response -Ex Officio
    • Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology -Ex Officio
    • Subcommittee on Intelligence, Information Sharing, and Terrorism Risk Assessment -Ex Officio
    • Subcommittee on Management, Investigations, and Oversight -Ex Officio
    • Subcommittee on Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection -Ex Officio
  • House Committee on Financial Services
    • Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises
    • Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit
    • Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity

Committee assignments in the 109th Congress (2005-2006)

More Background Data

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DC office
  • 339 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
    Ph: 202-225-7896 Fax: 202-226-2279
    Webform email
District offices
  • 1003 Park Boulevard, Massapequa Park, NY 11762
    Ph: 516-541-4225 Fax: (none entered)
  • Suffolk County
    Ph: 631-541-4225 Fax: (none entered)
On the Web
Campaign office
  • No campaign website entered.
  • No campaign webform email entered.
  • No campaign office information entered.


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  2. 2008 Race Tracker page on New York’s 3rd Congressional District
  3. Pete King's official 2008 campaign website

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