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File:Kansas 2007 congressional districts.JPG
Kansas' five congressional districts



Sam Brownback (R-class III)

50px Pat Roberts (R-class II)


File:Wiki the vote 07.gif

In the 110th Congress, Kansas had 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans in the U.S. House and 2 Republican senators. In the 2008 elections, Kansas elected 1 Democrat and 3 Republicans to the U.S. House, and continues to have 2 Republican senators. (See results)



Senate Incumbent: Pat Roberts (R) won re-election.
50px Jim Slattery (D)
1st district Incumbent: Jerry Moran (R) won re-election.
50px James Bordonaro (D)
Kathleen Burton (Reform)
Jack Warner (Libertarian)
2nd district Incumbent: Nancy Boyda (D) is running for re-election.
50px Lynn Jenkins (R) won election.
Robert Garrard (Libertarian)
Leslie Martin (Reform)
3rd district Incumbent: Dennis Moore (D) won re-election.
50px Nick Jordan (R)
50px Joe Bellis (Libertarian)
50px Roger Tucker (Reform)
4th district Incumbent: Todd Tiahrt (R) won re-election.
50px Donald Betts (D)
50px Susan Ducey (Reform)
Steven Rosile (Libertarian)



Jerry Moran (R-1st district)

50px Nancy Boyda (D-2nd district)
50px Dennis Moore (D-3rd district)
50px Todd Tiahrt (R-4th district)

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